Amsterdam to announce total ban on fireworks.

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  1. Rockets to be banned from whole of Netherlands.
  2. So not really a total ban on fireworks then?
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  3. in Amsterdam yes, same as Rotterdam.
  4. maxywell

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    Won't make any difference, it doesn't stop people in Hawaii getting hold of them so it's not going to stop the Dutch.Even more so considering neighbouring towns will still be selling them...
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  5. Yes, and the French, Belgian and German borders are not very far and they can buy as many as they like there!
  6. Arthur

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    Banning retail sale (with taxes and licence fees) hasn't stopped the Hawaiians having fireworks just that a few containers get intercepted by border control every year -there are still enough to go round. Banning fireworks in one town or two will simply increase the premium price that they command there from second line sellers.
  7. I agree. And you can argue that the reason Amsterdam on NYE is like Syria on a bad day is because they are restricted the rest of the year and when they can buy them they go berserk. I got chased up Damstratt by a rocket once, just missed my bonce.
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    Lol - before or after the coffee shop...:rolleyes:

    Vienna is the same - not sure if it applies to all Austria. My daughter was told this week that strictly speaking lances are only allowed on NYE...but you can get any number of flares for football matches, it seems.
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    I'm sure i saw an article about their attempts to ban certain types of cafes in Amsterdam too... for some reason they're trying to crack down on various things.
  10. They have also been trying to get rid of the red light area for years.
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    I'm pretty sure they'd significantly damage their economy by banning any of those things, the Netherlands are popular with tourists because they have more freedom to do what they like there than in most other developed countries.
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  12. Amsterdam has changed. I have been going there regularly since watching Ipswich lift The Uefa Cup in 1981, must have been over 60 times now.

    They are trying to make it more like regular European cities - although thankfully it still has an edge to it.
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  13. Amsterdam without coffee shops and red light districts..?!?! What’s the point ..?
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    "However, Amsterdam’s new policy means absolutely zero consumer fireworks can be fired. The only exception is the more low-key sparklers, which we agree are far less likely to take out an eye...."

    Well, somebody certainly researched that one well..! :mad:
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    "Two people died and almost 1,300 people were treated for firework-related injuries during this year’s New Year celebrations, according to public safety research group VeiligheidNL. In Amsterdam the damage to council property was put at some €500,000. Some 150 rubbish bins and 50 traffic signs were vandalised during the festivities and one children’s playground will require a €25,000 clean-up."

    Next year will see a dramatic reduction, I'm sure. Without fireworks there'll be no drunkeness or mindless vandalism whatsoever; the council will save a fortune. :rolleyes:
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  16. This is hardly surprising when you watch these crazy youtube vids of 3inch and up salutes fired on the ground o_Osadly another case of the few ruining it for the many. However I agree it wont stop illegal use as the borders are porous and the illicit supply will only increase it will be the law abiding public that will suffer from this ban yet again
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    Given they can only use fireworks on NYE and the huge scale of it how will it be policed?

    At 12.00 sharp Amsterdam is going to need thousands of police officers all over the city to catch everyone in the act. You can just see it - everybody lighting sib’s and then doing a runner round the nearest corner, denying all knowledge. Strip searches at 11.55 just in case someone has a cake up his cardigan. Five minutes past midnight the whole city grinds to a halt as 100,000 police go off shift and travel home. It goes on......

    Remember the final scenes from the Benny Hill
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    Well, I can’t see any fireworks whatsoever; clearly the ban is a major success story.
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