Another day, another product...

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  1. 5 compounds fired this weekend this is getting costly,:rolleyes:

  2. danielpyronutter

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    Pyrotechnology 219 all tge way for me, closely followed by Supernought
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  3. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    I have to say I was massively impressed with the size of the breaks on these and the colours were sublime I know wayne’s Vids are good but they still don’t do justice to the products we fired
  4. I think the distance we filmed was a good 100 metres away.
  5. Fabulous Wayne.
    Imo unbeatable colours and duration.
    256 is jaw dropping.
  6. Saltpetre

    Saltpetre Pro Firer/Crew

    Amazing duration, big powerful effects, great colours makes the Klasek brand a fave for me
  7. I fired a funke supernaut last year - its good, very good.

    But that Klasek 219 looks something else, shorter run time, but if i had a criticism of the supernaut i fired (and it could have been that one only) was that when it changed cakes it was a bit 'laggy' .

    All the pieces look very good though - i must be getting picky, or we are being spoilt be the ever increasing quality.

    That Klasek 256... :eek::)
  8. All the Compounds I fired that night were laggy, like any compound. @scoops was on the ball he didn't have a twitchy finger.
  9. twitchy finger? its a compound, so only one fuse - not the same as setting off the next piece before the current one has ended (i've done that though)

    good pieces as compounds go :D
  10. This was a fair old piece 250 shot Dum bum.
  11. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    It does what it says on the tin :cool:
  12. You can put me down for one of those!
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  13. Daveandkate

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    They are good for noise
  14. Saltpetre

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    wasnt as loud as I expected - perhaps just the video ? more of a crack than a bang ?
  15. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    They’re loud enough :)
  16. very loud, and you get to spend a decent length of time collecting what look like the tops from pepper pots afterwards.
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  17. dazuto

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    I did not enjoy that after letting 3 of them go.
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  18. hofnerite

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    :huvideo: ;)
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