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  1. I was having a look through the latest edition of "Fireworks" magazine today and i see that Fireworks International have decided to call it a day after they have sold off the remaining stocks of fireworks so yet another company is going, this seems to be an ever increasing thing now and does beg the question are there too many companies around now?, every year more and more seem to appear yet more of them don't seem to last very long either, i know it's great to have more choice of products but how many is too many as although a lot of people buy fireworks it is a relatively small market compared to other goods and mostly dependent on season and most people can only afford to buy so much each year, we all have our favourites and like to try new fireworks but i can't help but think we will be soon be over-saturated with fireworks which might sound like a good thing but i can see many more companies going the same way!, when there were only British made fireworks there were only around 8 main companies and that seemed to work well but now you just don't know where to start!, i'll be interested to hear other members thoughts on this subject, how many companies are too many and will more and more imports spell the end of companies we know and love?
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    This is such a huge topic. Some would say manufacturer in the UK is hindered by the CE system as we don't sell enough to make it work.

    However, China is having it's own problems right now with Labour and lots of factories are closing as workers choose to work for Apple factories etc.

    Shipping costs are increasing which is causing stock to inflate from all over the world, not just China.

    Ultimately the industry is in real trouble long term if nothing happens to try and rectify these problems.
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    Has the number of factories not already dropped by about 80% in just 10 years or so?

    It does seem like the firework industry is under threat from different angles over the last 3/4 years, from the cost increases, closures, complainers and ce changes etc but it's managed through difficult times before.Is it not getting close to the time when most production will need to move out of China?
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    But move to where? Many other countries make Fireworks but not to the quantity and quality that China does, one of our suppliers went to India last year because he had seen this issue with China coming, he said firework manufacture in India was like going back 40 yrs
    It’s a very sorry state indeed
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    I think the Yanks will end up making their own what with the trade war between the US and China hotting up. They wouldn't be able to compete with China's cheap labour but they could be innovative and start machine producing much of it.

    I'd love to see small scale innovation here in the UK but too many laws, regs and costs involved.
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  6. There are other markets and I know some americans are already importing from them
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    The manufacturing side of fireworks is extremely complicated with multiple factors to consider. Yes there has been a massive reduction in the number of factories producing Fireworks in China (in particular on larger F4 Shells) but the majority were producing for the domestic market and were unregulated.

    There has been talk in the past of starting production in Vietnam but the supply chain for raw materials, paper, transport, etc. simply does not exist. India (as mentioned) simply doesn't have the amount of expertise needed to produce product for the EU & US market. Mexico has a reasonable number of producers and as @Firework Crazy mentioned, some US companies buy from them but there is not established sea freight route for hazardous materials from Mexico to the EU so difficult for us to benefit from any of this.

    In recent years, a substantial amount of the cost rises in China has been down to pressure from the US on the WTO to pull China into line with US overheads (Holiday Pay, Sickness Benefits, H&S requirements, etc.) so it is ironic that after all of this pressure, the US now decides to start a trade war because the US is still not cost competitive (and probably never will be) with China.
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    Has the Ho Chi Minh trail closed down? (The yanks weren't quite so lucky 50 years ago).

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  9. Cosmos have started production in Slovakia , not much price difference to China and a 5 day del time.
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  10. Probably a forgone conclusion, but would British made fireworks ever make a comeback? I recall the little selection boxs
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    You'd have to convince a lot of mums to let their children work in such dangerous places. A typical Brit doesn't want to do dirty work for minimum wage.
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    It would have to be very small scale and very high cost = probably not.
    Following Brexit, I'd like to see the gov cut a lot of red tape and manufacturing taxes/costs so that British manufacturers of anything can start competing in the world again but I don't see it happening.
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    I'd just like to see the Brexit savings go to the NHS instead of having to raise taxes to pay for their extra funding. We're leaving an 11 billion a year executive club and where's the saving going.......same place as it is now: EU and farmers. :mad:
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    Stop it you'll awaken @Bung :eek::eek::p
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    He's been very quiet - perhaps he's had a glimpse of what's on the horizon...:rolleyes:
  16. Evolution Fireworks have replaced FI (in Macclesfield shop)
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    A quick search on companies house for both companies may hold a clue.
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    Had heard that @The Powder Keg (although we understand it is Serbia). Will be interesting to see if they fall fowl of REACH regulations, since they will be working with compositions as opposed to product being imported from China as articles. Depends on where they source their raw materials (within EU or from China) and where they feature in the supply chain. ECHA are very aggressive with REACH regulations!
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    Still here. Happy independence day to the remoaners. :D
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    I have indeed. All you remoaners crying into your beer, or pyro whichever you prefer. What happened to 500,000 job losses if leave won?. What about the economy collapsing if Leave won? etc.. etc.. all that was left for the losers was that bloody bus. Guess what? The remainers lost again :D :D. The only place left for remoaners is geermunny or that place with the frog munchers etc... and that lot are in dire trouble whereas good old England is basking in glory. Never forget you are British, if you don't like British and prefer the EU. GO BLOODY LIVE THERE THEN!!.