Another one Bites the Dust!

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  1. Just to throw a curve ball, no idea who dealt with whom, but Graham Walker is one of the most genuine most honest guys I’ve ever dealt with in this industry. I knew him from standard and later from FI.
  2. I suppose brands come & ago ........... but here is another one coming 2019 .......... FAB FIREWORKS :chair:

    Fab Fireworks Logo.jpg
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    I agree with @The Powder Keg I worked with Graham from his very first day in fireworks at Black Cat and he was a great friend, best wishes to him in his retirement.
  4. You can tell how long we have been in this business, I still think of Graham as the 'new boy'.
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    Anybody delt with Cosmos ?
    Spoke to yan and we are looking at importing over with them,
    Whats there product like ? cakes or shells ?
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    Followers of the sorry tale of Fireworks International may be interested in this. The original FI ceased trading in April last year owing a lot of people a lot of money, including me. Shortly afterwards the the name of the company was changed to Lantern Seven Ltd and the director replaced. The trading address is still listed as Fauld Industrial Estate although they have no presence there. I have heard today from Companies House that a notice for compulsory strike off has been issued - it appears that Lantern Seven Ltd have not submitted any returns.

    This information is in the public domain and can be seen at

    Read into this what you may...
  7. I feel your pain.

    The name was changed but it was still the same company number, it just seems no one forced any action. There were approximately £17k of CCJs issued between March - June 18 which were not satisfied but the company remained trading - just with a new name.

    We were hit with two bad debts in January, one of which was £25k! Unfortunately the total of those two put together are only one sixth of our record single bad debt which we suffered in 2011. Technically I should be on a beach with a beer but unfortunately I am at my desk eating a Pot Noodle - and even that was in the reduced section.
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    I see this happening a lot, a company is sold on, returns not submitted, company is struck off and a week later another one appears debt free with what ever was left.
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    Having been through many industries in my years, the explosives industry inc fireworks especially does seem to have the biggest proportion of "Characters" some of whom may be loveable and many may be bad for business.