Any action in your area yet?

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  1. Nothing here in Rochdale apart from me, I can’t help it. There might not be much of the stash left before BFN :ooops:
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  2. Madfish

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    I have noticed that for 9 months dog cuddlers have not been spouting off on fb or other social media about fireworks going off "All year round"

    ......maybe that's because they f**ing don't :mad:
  3. Someone by me let off two rockets about quarter past 6 yesterday afternoon, thought it was mine in the shed :eek:
  4. Was at a friends in Durham last weekend and someone not too far away let a couple of decent cakes off, must have been a birthday or celebration of some sort.

    Otherwise nothing near me, not complaining though as it just brings the fun police out in force earlier than normal.
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  5. AlanCee29

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    Yasssss heard the first firework in my area about 15mins ago, brought a huge smile to my face, whilst I was currently in the garage I looked out the door at the tube sticking out the ground and couldn't resist letting one of in return, now as I write this I've just heard another which is prompting me into retaliation, maybe a War Hawk might be suffice :rolleyes:
  6. GTRpyro

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    No, lure them into a false sense of security, wait until they've sent up their biggest, then it's time for a full case of hawks! ;)
  7. AlanCee29

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    Hahahaaa that's exactly what I did, they sent another two up and I had to fight like hell to send up my last King rocket :eek: but I just had to, and it worked, no more fireworks have been heard, now I need to buy 4 King rockets to put in my finale now instead of 3 lol would've only been 2 but set one off the other week just to give the neighbours a taste of whats coming on November 5th :D
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  8. TGR


    Oh yes, and it was all Firework Crazy's fault. ;) @Firework Crazy
    RAF Linton on Ouse Hangar Bash with a rather nice display by Mark and the team.
    A couple of local "moaners" but they were soon put in their place by a majority who thoroughly enjoyed the show as much as I did. Some phots in this album if interested.
  9. RocketRev

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    For once - never mind the fireworks, I'll settle for the aeroplane @TGR
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  10. Flare Path

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    Great set of photos. I wondered why @Firework Crazy were up at Linton-On-Ouse - their display looked fitting for the event, as usual.

    PS - The Tucano silhouetted by the lighting in the images of your photos is a really nice touch. It's been an important base for the development of future Fast Jet pilots. I had heard it was due for closure sometime next year, but that was back in 2018 and these things, much like the F35 project, are constantly under review.

    Anyway, thanks for the photos and even more pleased @Firework Crazy had the opportunity to go there. Hope they all had a safe and fun evening.
  11. Nothing last few nights, think weather has beaten everyone back but there was a few pops few weekends back, must of been a birthday as was at least 6-8 cakes in the end.
  12. Couple of nights ago a family set of a beat thy neighbour. So had to get it out my system a war hawk went off. :ooops:
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  13. AlanCee29

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    I think for all of us who like to retaliate and have plenty of "stock rockets" a War Hawk is the Go To rocket, it's cheap enough and has considerable clout and also provides a nice release of endorphins to give u that "Aaaaah that feels better" feeling lol :D
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  14. I lit a sparkler last night wasnt aloud to light anything else :oops:
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  15. AlanCee29

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  16. Arthur

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    I heard the dull thump of medium size shells leaving a tube tonight, somewhere local in my urban area. Wasn't me!
  17. I heard some last night. And at 5:30 in the morning a couple of weeks ago. in Radcliffe, near Bury.
  18. paul s

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    Anything near you, Julie D?

    ......thought not.
  19. TGR


    Off topic.

    If it is aeroplanes you like then please feel free to browse my other albums (you can get to them from the link.

    If you want aeroplanes AND pyro then maybe this will do. ;) f-16 ukfr.jpg
  20. Well finally got a video of some from the neighbours. Only managed to catch the end.

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