Any activity in your area.

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  1. This evening seems to be a lot of activity in my neck of the woods.
  2. maxywell

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    Was actually looking for this thread earlier, heard the first of the season up here tonight. Just a few rockets in the distance.
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  3. That's what I have been hearing from about 6.30 pm.
  4. Just had a 50+ shot cake go off here but nothing more after (might have been a finale cake after fountains or maybe a one-off)
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  5. wireworks

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    Not tonight painters are in, oh hang on wrong forum sorry
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  6. Can hear a bit tonight
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  7. Daveandkate

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    Always activity in this neck of the woods :cool:
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  8. OK, I confess. My eldest had a "virtual camping" Cub event today, so when the Zoom bit finished I got the firepit going and fired a TNT Gemini selection box and a couple of the Laser cakes from @Epic Fireworks. Akela lives next door to us, so God knows what she thought! laser.jpg
  9. I heard something after 11 on Thursday night, a few loud bangs!
  10. Michael96

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    Couple here tonight
  11. nickjee

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    Sounds like you might live near @Daveandkate, @Peter Mackett ;)
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  12. That will be @Daveandkate
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  13. Daveandkate

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    Not from me unless I'm using something interesting
    Cornwall to Dorset is a fair distance
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  14. Some hawk like booms in maidstone kent last night as the 10pm cuŕew spilled out.There is allot of firework use year round in the county town which I like.
  15. scoops

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    Not a sniff round here yet, waiting for the pandora box's to start up soon though...
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  16. I fired my 4th low noise firework firing session, since the end of August, on Friday night. A couple of young men turned up by seeing the fireworks and enjoyed it and hope to see more another time.
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  17. Seen some action in the bradford ,keighley area in the last few days .
  18. Not heard any fireworks in my area but nearby vineyard has been setting off bird scarers for the past few weeks a lot during the day. Some nice booms from the bird scarers. My cats are not bothered by them at all.
  19. yeah, that's you test firing Saj!
  20. not any at all, no one fires until bonfire night but when they do there is normally one person that fires BIG as his garden is about 50 meters long.