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  1. I've been doing a selection box item every night for the past few days to try to get my 9month old used to them and it's made me wonder, has there ever been a pyro equivalent of an advent calendar?
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  2. K9Girl

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    Yes, tape quality street to a selection box ;):p
  3. that's a great idea. At least an indoor one sounds good
  4. Some biggish rockets going off last night here .Looking at the break on them i would think ball head ones .Then a cake or two from a different direction but a conifer hedge was blocking my view on those .I think tonight will be lively by the weather at the moment :)
  5. got quite lively around 6.00, now some tight wad just keeps letting of some kind of weird two shot stuff at random intervals. still, i appreciate that they are drawing some flak from me and doing their bit to break the lockdown boredom.
  6. Lots of cakes and a few deep booms around maidstone love those time of year when I walk to work
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  7. Dayle Ward

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    Fair bit going off tonight. Makes a change to be honest!​
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  8. My garden earlier lol
  9. wilkins1kc

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    Tonight is the first night that I have heard any here in Maidenhead.
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  10. Mog

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    First time I've seen or heard any locally tonight. Nothing to write home about but something is better than nothing.
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  11. WR3_Pyro

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    Loads tonight! And a little contribution by me, made me realise why I love zeus moonrakers so much!
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  12. Cant wait to the 5th let the hawks fly and dum bum single shots sound my favourite day of the year and my dads 66th bday
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  13. Pyro Pete

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    Quite a few fireworks tonight here in Ipswich.
  14. Non-stop here (Staffs/Cheshire border)since about 5.30pm. Local Facebook group up in arms about it :)

    Mainly War Hawk style rockets and some very lengthy cakes (over 90 seconds)
  15. a few decent sized ones over here, some very high firing whistlers with tails and maybe a cake or just lots of smaller rockets.
    on the other hand it did look suspiciously like the whistlers were professional grade single shots :rolleyes:o_O
  16. Same here in Alsager but its gone quiet now :(
  17. maxywell

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    Quite a few here. Probably the busiest night so far despite the 50mph winds and intermittent horizontal rain.
  18. Finally saw my first fireworks tonight!, going off all round, saw several rockets, cakes and candles, still hear them now.
  19. deans6571

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    .....loads going off my way tonight (Sanderstead area) - just 2 or 3 gardens away in fact. I had the bedroom window open and was watching :D

    They did go on for ages though with large gaps of nothing and then huge ones going off - seemed like they were literally firing one at a time over the space of an hour or so !

    Can’t wait to fire mine now next week (weather looking great also!).
  20. hofnerite

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    SS strobe horsetail went up here tonight.
    Strictly for testing purposes of course. :)
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