Any activity in your area.

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  1. Lot's going on tonight. About time too.
  2. Happy to report gravesend kent is banging massive sibs rockets and ground shaking bangs absolutely love the action. I even contributed a few roman candles no bangs as the cats wanted to watch and actually enjoyed through the window. Now they sit and wait for them to go bang at the window :):):):):D
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  3. Lots of activity tonight, i think theres once house thats been firing since 8pm i can hear them just not see them as my road is a weird shape

    all these sounds get me excited for my fireworks
  4. Mog

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    Drove past this an hour ago in locked down South Wales!!

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  5. K9Girl

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    FFS total idiots :mad:
  6. maxywell

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    A few here although I expect most people not doing it tomorrow will keep them until Saturday.
  7. Quite a lot going off round here tonight but went quiet after 8.
  8. Nayls

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    A few small bits last night and one cake a few days ago, is all I've heard in my immediate area. Few other bits tonight but a few miles away, made me slightly wary about posting in the neighbourhood group as we basically a country lane. Only positive responses as of yet, with one neighbour suggesting a coordinated display for better viewing!!
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  9. Not far from me. I'm in Swanscombe. Plenty of good stuff going up last night. Diwali is always impressive in Gravesend as well.
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  10. Been pretty decent around here I moved 3 months ago from the small city but my mum lives there etc each time I have went in there has been plenty with decent rockets and some nice big break cakes and they all are close by to her :).

    Happy to see cause it's usally me naming all the noise but sadly I ain't got me any fireworks this year lost my job etc.

    And it a bummer our fireworks display was canceled but sure I'll see some people having fun with their fireworks :)
  11. Some fairly large and very pretty shells going off around Droitwich Spa area? as I approached J5 on the M5 last night around 6:30pm.
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    That was probably the rugby ground at J6, drive in fireworks. Are you a Worcestershire lad :D?
  13. Did you go? Looked very decent, although I could only see the shells.

    No not from there, but spend a fair amount of time in and around Worcester.
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    No I didn’t go but a few friends went and someone I know worked the event, went down very well with locals (I suppose first drive in display for some!) and I could hear it going some when I was setting up! :)

    Oh that’s a shame, centre of the universe Worcester is ;)
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    Woke up round here now, daughters glued to the window, lots of wows from her bedroom for the first time since moving im actually happy to be on the 9th floor!
  16. I have some very excited kids jumping up and down saying I saw one I saw one.
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  18. Now this is more like it. Some HUGE rockets going off tonight, and I'm talking absolutely MASSSIVE!!!!! good stuff
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  19. It is I like going to temple and watch the display really good atmosphere I dont think I they will have one sadly I did ask my colleague in iceland today
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  20. RCT

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    Not a single thing fired in South Glos village yet :):).
    One of the local anti brigade put a post on Facebook last night, saying for anyone thinking of letting off fireworks, to be respectful to the environment and animals and that they shouldn’t be lighting fireworks this year .
    Net result, my wife was so enraged she has given me the green light to fire what ever I want to :) Happy days. 48hrs to get busy .

    I don’t do Facebook for this exact reason !
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