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  1. scoops

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    its kicking off here big time, I haven't been home for the 5th for a long time and must admit im shocked at how much is going up(or sideways:rolleyes:) Lots of big rockets, big cakes and small stuff. People hanging out of windows and kids in the street watching the skies. Just seen a lad carrying 2 packs of ball heads down the street:eek:
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  2. :)Lots going off in Banbury, smoke in the air, people going for a walk etc, a really nice vibe - has been a perfect autumn day too. Sunny, golden trees, no wind

    Let off two bright star Mighty Atom cakes, a few tiny roman candles and 10 War Hawks, the road loved it! The young children next door said thankyou and the neighbours were shouting “one more!” after each rocket

    Looking forward to my main NYE stash, feel it will lift the mood after a grim lockdown

    Edit: my partner mentioned on the local area facebook groups people have been thankful for the various garden fireworks as it’s keeping the children entertained and lifting moods a bit :)
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    Loads here in Ipswich, just like a normal Guy Fawkes night.
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  4. nickjee

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    Dead here, like shamefully so!
    I'm hoping everyone's waiting for a non school night.... like me :D
  5. Facebook groups up in arms left right and centre, I've come off my local groups I just let the wife tell me their complaining, amazing really fireworks on bfn, what are the odds lol
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  6. Escht

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    A fair bit here in Lichfield earler this evening, we did ours early so the young kids either side could watch........ another year and they would all be round here for the evening....
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  7. dogsbody

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    Like others, this is myfirst november 5th home for going on 20 years! Sounded awsome from multiple directions!
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  8. Strange isn’t it lol
  9. Quite a bit going off here in Monmouth, some quite powerful stuff going very close to me earlier! Noisiest I've heard it here for a while!
  10. Where in South glos are you from, I'm from kingsway you may know where that is.
  11. Not too bad round here tonight, i fired my stash and it all fired perfectly, i think a lot will be doing it tomorrow or Saturday, quiet again now.
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  12. RCT

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    As in Kingsway Quedgeley ?if yes then then I’m 15min away between Epney and Elmore out in the sticks, on the River Severn floodplain.
  13. Yes thats it, small world isn't it. I know there area well used to go elvering around there years ago.
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  14. Best BFN here (Surrey/Hants border) since 2011 I reckon.
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  15. maxywell

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    One of the best bfn's i've experienced in the last decade. Pops and bangs in all directions from 5:30 - 9. Plenty of good stuff in the streets nearby too, you know it's going to be a good one when it's already getting smokey at 6:30.:D
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  16. Done Fettling

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    Not very good here at all .A few big cakes and rockets spaced out around 7 till 8 pm then it went quiet till 930 then a few big bangs and quiet again. I am missing the sound of shells from Sandbach as there is normally two pro displays on the 5th over that way.
  17. maxywell

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    Turn the volume right up, gives a good sense of how good it was as do the flashes in the distance. :D

  18. DynastyDays

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    One of the best bfn I've witnessed. I've been so busy on call for work I haven't even been able to post my stash pic from fireworks crazy.

    But rushed the pallets with circular saw for all the cakes to slot into and it seemed like every other neighbour was firing there stash too !! Even the missus(not a pyro nerd) said 'its just how bfn should be' flashes/bangs all around with the thick smog in the air. Brilliant !
  19. Absolutely amazing in a town outside of Bristol. Lots of the community setting them off and I had half the street watching and clapping. This year has definitely been one of the better years in terms of bonfire night.
  20. Because of lockdown we held our garden party on the 4th this year and along with ours there were a few going off, we had a bit of a battle royal with a house a few streets away that also had some quality pyro so that was like the good old days! Not having fireworkson the 5th meant that I was able to fulfill an ambition and walk up the Malverns to gaze down on everyone's fireworks from above. I would say there was a fair amount last night, mostly selection box roman candles but there were a few bigger pieces going off around that and some nice rockets. Worcester looked quite active and it was great hearing the rumbles coming across the Severn Valley to my ears! It was a beautiful night and you could see the smoke haze hanging over everything as a blood red moon rose above it all. A very different bfn but a memorable one in its own way...
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