Any activity in your area.

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  1. it did echo rather a lot but I don’t think it would last that long lol
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  2. very quiet around here... than again it was me firing things early last year

  3. Not so bad here, saw what believe were a couple of hawks from the distance but thats pretty much it
  4. hofnerite

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    Nothing here since New Years Eve!
    And that was only my single shot DumBum.

    Maybe I need to live closer to FAB members who apparently have fireworks 24/7 every day of the year. Or Bullshitshire as it's known.
  5. No activity tonight but was at the shop today and well.
  6. Pack of decent ish rockets have just gone off near me and a quite punchy fan cake which was quite colourful. Watching out bedroom window and you can see all the people poking heads out window to know doubt grumble,few looks at my place but it's not me lol
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  7. scoops

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    Son has just come in and said stuff going off,, outside now on watch....
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  8. Dayle Ward

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    Nothing round here but the local fb page has just lit up around fireworks making out its like calcutta
    Its funny because i have possibly maybe heard 1 or 2 rockets but could have been a car, theres loads of noisy cars round here
  9. Tonight's lesson: If nobody else has set anything off at all, then an Emperoror Fireworks Little Cricket 8 shot cake looks really impressive, and sounds bloody loud :angel: Cheers John @Fireworks South Wales :D
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  10. No heard a thing yet.
  11. Yup went on the local group on Facebook and its abuse galore to the firework setter offer lol
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  12. Some brave souls have to be the first ones tho :D I think someone's firing some testers tonight too :rolleyes:o_O
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  13. maxywell

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    Saw and heard a couple tonight... and couldn't resist setting one of my own off. :D
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  14. Pyro Pete

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    Currently in Norwich and nothing whatsoever except the stupidly loud exhaust of a Just Eat delivery driver bringing me some KFC :cool:
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  15. Daveandkate

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    A lot going off here again singles mines shells sounded like thunder rolling in oh yes it was a few of us on here
  16. a lot going off up here in Preston
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  17. Best part about it it's in my back garden:p:p
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  18. It’s so quiet here you could hear a mouse fart.
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  19. Someone's just let off 4 rockets by me leaving it close o_O
  20. Just heard a loud boom which sounded like a rocket, a good 15 minutes after 11pm :mad:o_O!