any shops down south going to stock funke?

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  1. Seeing as The powder keg imported some funke, I was wandering if any fireworks shops down south are ever going to get any in stock.

    Im not 100% sure if its exclusive to powder keg (somebody please inform me if funke is exclusive)
  2. Sure it’s exclusive to powderkeg
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    Wasn't Klasek exclusive to them when it first came in too? If it becomes popular it'll probably be more widely available in a year or two.
  4. Really annoying since its a 4 hour drive from where I live
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    4 hr drive try 16,000 miles where do you live have helped a few people on are UK run pm me. Requirements
  6. Mark at Stealth may be stocking some so watch this space!
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    I guess the more we rave about it the more the stockists will look into it. Will probably be an equation between price and sellability though. With brands like Celtic who are hard to beat at reasonable prices they will have to weigh it up against import costs ect. Perhapse like vivid they will stock if it's pure class and diffrent but I don't know enough about funke to judge
  8. Worth seeing if Powder Keg will deliver the Funke items to a nearby Klasek stockist when they do their deliveries to shops. I had some Funke gear last year delivered to @Orbit Fireworks for myself to collect which was most appreciated as I'm based in South East Wales.
  9. Pete at powder keg will do you a cracking deal either way, just wait until someone does a run up there and get them to collect for you, unless you need it sooner
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    Well worth the trip to the Keg! (He sells cheap booze too!) ;)
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    Mail order...
  12. Klasek are a huge importer, probably in the top 3 in Europe and despite a downturn in trade in most of Europe their turnover went up 15%, we distribute Klasek to a few good retailers that we believe in.
    Supply is not a problem with Klasek and i'm pleased they chose us as their UK partner.

    Hi Rob, i only wish it was like that, I first met Malte the guy that owns Funke after around 4 months of e-mails etc, his booth at Nuremberg toy fair was just an empty booth, he is a very nice guy who's passion for really great fireworks is both refreshing and infectious, but, he's probably the worst business man I've also ever met and that's a big statement as I've been self employed since leaving school. So far i have had 48CBM (69CBM on a 40ft HC ) of goods in nearly 3 years of negotiations with Funke and that arrived last January. I hold out very little hope of getting more as my e mails for price lists, go unanswered for days at a time.

    No he won't

    The simple fact is and believe me because i honestly mean this, if i could get as much Funke as i wanted i would choose a few great guys to work with and turn the tap on, but because supply is so limited there is no way i can do this, so for the time being I cannot wholesale any.
    Funke do not produce anywhere near enough goods yearly, so for the time being i'm afraid its available just from me.
    I will try to look at delivery, anyone on here will tell you i will try in every way to help you get the goods you want esp in the season.
    I promise i'm incredibly frustrated by all of this especially when i see new brilliant items being posted on a daily basis,
    Please try to understand.
    I am sorry for the situation but it is totally out of my hands.
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    I wonder if his factory do/will manufacture for another importer. Chinese loyalty is not exactly world renowned, so would it be unusual if Funke had the monopoly on the factory’s product?
    Surely, if Funke can get this level of product then another importer could....??
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    As Peter has said he has managed to deliver down to me every year, I'm sure if you put a decent order in he might be able to get it down closer to you somewhere .
  15. Such a shame they don't seem to be interested in selling regularly over here as they would do really well as the quality is fantastic and the range of different effects we don't normally see is something special!, not a way to run and business as the demand is there and they would make good profits and with the recommendations they get on here the brand would soon become one of the main players, maybe we all need to bombard them with emails telling them we want to buy their stuff so please let us!
  16. Funke do have a new line (iskra line) which seems to be produced quite alot since its already on most german online firework stores.
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    Well if Pete is the stockist and importer at least we have one. I couldn't see sponsors paying thousands because 6 of us want a glimmer or a tears from heaven. We know where we can find funke if we want too.Ps thanks for the reply @The Powder Keg
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  18. They do, it’s the stuff he rejects from Funke. Still very good just not 100%