Anyone know of any French display companies that

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  1. can fire a wedding display for a customer in Bordeaux?

    Thanks in advance
  2. blackbat

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    Feerie, in Nantes?
  3. luke

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    I know a few years back Alchemy used to have some french contscts, may be worth a try.
  4. gareth71

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    Fully Fused Fireworks have some French connections, I believe. Not sure which area of France, though.
  5. hofnerite

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  6. Thanks all

    I'll check out Feerie and I'll text James at Fully fused.
  7. Skydazzle Pyrotechnics

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    Worked with Feerie and they are a really good company. Will look after your clients :)
  8. Mathew Griffiths

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    Brezac fireworks!! They do Bergerac every 14th July! Bastille day! The guy to contact is Thierry Bonnet!