Anyone selling Cobra 18m

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  1. Happy new year folks,

    Any cobra 18m’s for Sale?

    Obviously these don’t sell often and I appreciate that they also don’t depreciate price. But has anyone got a spare I can buy?

    Not to worried about the model/version. Lipo preferred, but don’t mind if it’s battery either.

    Please let me know.
  2. hofnerite

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    Join the back of the queue mate! ;)
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  3. gareth71

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    In all honesty, you're probably better off buying new. On the rare occasion that second-hand 18Ms come up for sale in the UK, they're snapped up almost instantly, for a price that's not that far from what you'd pay new - and without the warranty and after-care that you'd enjoy from Cobra by purchasing brand new.
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  4. Dodgey

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    If things carry on as they are you will sadly find small companies selling thier kit up as they shut down. I really can't see everyone in the industry getting through this. I'm lucky, my overheads are next to nothing, but that's not the case for a lot of people.

    Gareth is right - demaind for used Cobra is high - mostly because a) it's good b) Cobra updated to mesh a couple of years ago and now everyone is taking it seriously as a pro system. I've switched over to it 100%.
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  5. How many you after jamie?

    I could possibly part company with some units aswell as a 18r2 remote.. DM me