Are the little stoppers on cake/shot tubes biodegradable?

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  1. Hopefully the above is self explanatory, the little cardboard looking circular stoppers that sit on top of the explosives and pop out and hit the lawn. Had quite a lot of fireworks this year and there is probably a couple of thousand of these on the lawn. Paper was removed prior to and the cakes are now in the skip, but the lawn is littered - curious if these will degrade over the coming months into spring or if I’ll spend half a day collecting them all if not?

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    will rot in time
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  3. They’ll break down - I use a broom or a blower on the lawn the day after to neaten things up. Fireworks collide with my other hobby: gardening :D
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    They will biodegrade... but it will take years. I still find them in my garden, despite not firing anything for 4 years!
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    I just go over with the mower lol once they are dry jobs a good un’!
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    Because on displays after you’ve de-rigged you always do the clean up, clearing up shell cups, bungs etc, we always clear the cardboard discs aswell as they take absolutely ages to degrade so your always better just clearing them up and getting it out the way.
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    I rub peanut butter on mine before firing so the squirrels clear them up the following day :p
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  8. Just use s petrol mower to get them up
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  9. I pick them all up by hand but still keep finding them months later!
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  10. Will do cheers matey
  11. When Maidenhead paper mill was operating, we would call in on our way home from a display and deposit all the spent cakes, boxes and wads onto the pile of waste card and paper awaiting processing.

    Carefully checked of course for any mis-fires, though these were rare in commercial product.

    This would then go into a huge mincing machine and then large pulping vats.

    This was In the days before recycling bins and they were glad to receive it. We were told it would be part of a large roll of finished paper by morning.

    Thus any card products should be fine to go into your recycling bins.
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    What about the clay bungs though?
  13. Presume they ended up in the bottom of the slurry pot along with metallic items such as staples or wire.
    If the clay did 'dissolve' it's probable that did not matter as they use clay in papermaking.

    The end product was the giant newsprint rolls.
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  14. wont get them all up especially if there a bit wet but enough to stop the misses moaning :p
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    Have fun :eek: :(

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    If you have kids tell them its £1 for every 100 collected :D
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    Worm food ;)
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    that would be uh about too much for me, cann" t even think of how much:mad:
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    Run a mower over them. They'll mulch.
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    Could be worse !!!:D