Asda fireworks 2017

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    asda-fireworks-leaflet-3-1.jpg asda-fireworks-leaflet-3-1.jpg

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    Hope this post is okay, copy and pasted from bonfire night traditions @Pyro Pete.
  3. Looks pretty expensive even compared to last year, i seriously doubt those 2 cakes for £30 are worth around £3 per shot :rolleyes: the £50 pack probably isn't that bad for somebody just wanting a load of smallish stuff for their kids that takes up a good hour or so and the fiver shot tubes are usually ok but that's about it apart from the sparklers and pen lid cake.
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  5. No Rockets?
  6. There's a page missing i think peter, sure I saw 3 pages not just 2
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    4 x 5 shot roman candles for £40? They must be amazing
  8. Is 8 for £40 if there a bombette candle with a half decent burst not to bad for £5 each but I doubt it lol! or it's 4 for £30??????!!!!! ....... bargain......
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  9. Bit slow, but some nice effects to be fair...
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    Must be a joke :rolleyes:
    Wonder if this will go under best value for money thread lol :p
  11. Crikey they've shot up in price.

    (mind the pun)
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    "Wham bam", it's as if they're trying to suggest something there....
  14. At least the "firework lighters" are good value. Think the Lady who served me last year thought I was mad when I got 10 packets and left the shop :rolleyes:
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    Good move.
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    Probably thought you wanted a packet of condoms but were too embarrassed to ask ;)
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  17. Lol Never thought of that, inflating condoms and popping them with a pin would create a better effect than the pyro on offer ;)
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  18. There's a page missing there. The 2 for £10 page. Contains a selection box, rockets and fountain. Rebadged sparkling treasure fountain. Good value for a fiver.
  19. Local asda was pyroless this morning :eek: not even any cabinets out.
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    They might as well not bother now! Years ago they would of already been on sale for a week or 2 by now :rolleyes: Standards ...