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    Just bought one and it's 86g. 43% bigger than you thought. That seems pretty good to me? Obviously Enchanted is the better so got 2 of them too.
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  2. That's decent yeah, for a novelty anyway, can't go too wrong at the price either :)
  3. Picked up a pack of Furious 5 shot tubes today (5x 8.65g, so 43.25g NEC in total) and the small 15 pack Magic Box (114.8g NEC) to compare against the competition.

    Also got a pack of the Sky Wizard rockets... Before you say anything, we haven't had a supermarket pack of rockets for a few years and need something to have a good laugh at! The pack contains 65.8g NEC for those interested. :-D
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    LOL... but if you're about to fire and film them you might uncover a hidden gem, so we always encourage product testing :)
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  6. I can't see the point of so called silent fireworks when the majority will be letting off the usual stuff which you can still clearly hear!
  7. I don't see the point in silent ones as you can still hear the thud of barrage firing
  8. L
    Iidi has the best shot tubes in terms of NEC content with 16g in each tube for the same price. Aldis is a close second.
  9. My dog will go mentle if you even attempt to flick a lighter while holding any firework. The thud of the lift charge will send her barking at it like crazy, when the fuse is lit she wants to attack it lol
  10. Yes; you are correct. I've got a pack or two of all supermarkets' shot tubes that worked out at £1 per tube. We're going to fire and record them this Bonfire Night for comparisons.
  11. Sweet looking forward to it man :) did you get some from the range also?
  12. No, unfortunately not. I might have done if there was one nearby. As it is, we have the usual (Morrisons, Asda, Aldi and Lidl) covered - might have gone to Tesco but believe their offer works out at 4 for £5 in the 3 for £15 deal. I didn't want a single pack for £6 and didn't want to pay £15, so left it.

    Also managed to pick up some Magic Stars Roman Candles for £12 looking around local shops - 5 shots each (180g total from a pack of 4). Might be a good alternative if they perform like the Standard Fireworks video showed.
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  13. Yes that Tesco's deal is awful, I have not seen the Morrisons shot tubes what are their nec content?
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  14. The Atom Booms have only 23g NEC in total. 4 x 4.82g and 1 x 3.72g. I had a pack last year that I didn't record, but wish I did. I think the tube with the smaller NEC might have been a whistle - not sure though.

    Although they're obviously inferior to the Whizz Bangs and Loud and Clears (in terms of effects and explosive content), they weren't too bad at all - and were better than I expected given their size. The bursts were smaller than the others, but I don't think a family would be disappointed for a small garden display.
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  15. I was in asda last night, noticed what they were selling. just my take, but it all looks just a little tired and dated, the packaging etc, as does the whole shop really.