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    Pack of 5 rockets, fired at the Firework Crazy demo night.
    Listed as £20.
    Classification TBC.

    (The weird sounds in this and other video clips from the night are from a guy with Tourettes, in case you were wondering).

  2. Does anyone know the NEC of these rockets and how do they compare Vs warhawks etc?
  3. Damp Squib

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    A B were 40g v War Hawks 60g. Think Astro Blaster were discontinued some while ago - the thread is five years old! I remember standing next to @Pyro Pete when he was filming; it was an entertaining evening.
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  4. They still feature in the Brothers 2018 brochure, also, they are under another guise in the Extreme Machines pack as I said in another post. Great rockets!
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  5. Damp Squib

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    Whoops - my mistake! Thanks for that - haven't had any for a long time, will look out for them.
  6. They have them in chaplins at 16.99 i bought a pack last week . Good rockets
  7. paul s

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    Good rockets. £16.99 is a decent price.
  8. This Chaplin's seems to be setting the mark for lowest prices we don't have one up here so I get mugged haha
  9. You need to look around a bit more..
  10. Just meaning around my area, I know though down south you all get amazing prices but up in Scotland it's a struggle for a lot of stuff.