At Last Some Fireworks

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  1. At last some action, I have not seen a proper big display in so long so a big thank you to the Uckfield Rugby Club for doing a display for the end of the "prom night" as it was very good. I even spotted a piece that I have fired @Lets Party Fireworks The beast which was as good as ever.

    Has anyone else had any action in there area lately (possibly due to the fact that it is coming up to the holidays at last) and I hope that everyone is all ok:)
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  2. I saw an aerobatic firework display a few miles away yesterday evening which was for a 50th wedding anniversary.
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  3. Glad you enjoyed it anything that supports the club is good its been difficult due to covid. I will let Gordon know you had a good night I didn't fire this one but looks good for a display in October if your in the area or of course hopefully some bonfire society stuff all the best Guy
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