Cake/Barrage Atomic Bomb

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  1. maxywell

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    I think this is just a clever bit of marketing by Ghengis, it's got everyones attention so it worked :D either they have mine lifts there's more than one per tube or they're illegal, those are the only explanations.To be honest they don't look all that much bigger than a decent 30mm shot to me.
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  2. danielpyronutter

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    They would certainly need 50 metres safety distance, mind you are they anymore dangerous than a big rocket?
  3. danielpyronutter

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    Cmon saj, you know u want one :D
  4. For sure, I would want some of all of them but I wouldn’t use them unless we had over 50 meters safety distance as a min . Which your average joe ain’t going to have in there back garden
  5. danielpyronutter

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    Yes i agree they need to be sold responsibly if they are for real as most people won't give them the respect we will
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    If there is some sort of loophole or it's just clever wording in the description then fair enough but if it's not then it's both unfair on other retailers and potentially dangerous for Joe Public to use in a garden so they really shouldn't be allowed.I doubt they are illegal though or they surely wouldn't have got to the point where they're actually available to buy.
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  7. paul s

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    I looked and looked but couldn't see any.
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  8. paul s

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    Okay........under UK law

    The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015 seem quite clear -

    Prohibitions on making available certain category F2 and F3 fireworks

    33.—(1) An economic operator must not make available on the market in the United Kingdom a category F2 firework or a category F3 firework of any of the following descriptions—

    (a)an aerial wheel;

    (b)a banger, flash banger or double banger;

    (c)a jumping cracker;

    (d)a jumping ground spinner;

    (e)a spinner;

    (f)a mini rocket;

    (g)a shot tube —

    (i)which produces a report as its principal effect; or

    (ii)the inside diameter of which is greater than 30mm;

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    But the HSE are classing this as a battery of mortars which isn't on that list @paul s ;)

    Not that I'm endorsing the sale of a 50mm mortar cake to the public, really for things like this we need a Category 3.5 with a 50m minimim safety distance. I'm just trying to figure out the loop hole...
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  10. scoops

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    :hijacked:. Irrespective of our thoughts this is the review section, surely a new thread on UK law and peoples thoughts would be more appropriate:)
  11. Whether they are 2" shells per tube or not the amount of powder per shot is greater than any other cake I know of ... 987.5g / 25 shots = 39.5g. To give a comparison Glittering Prize B is 940g / 56 shot = 16.78g.
    But a War Hawk is 60g and in my mind is smaller than a 2" shell.
    I am happy to buy 2 of each and film to end the debate within a pro show.
  12. And of course, we also have noise limits, so if dumbums etc are already at the limits, 50mm can't get you any louder anyway.
    50mm doesn't sound right to me though. The regs have always read 30mm max for any bombette.
    It's all going to pot with OTT cat2 for starters.
    Handy to have layers to roll back from... but not if they push the buttons of the 'antis' in the first place.
    Mind you, and not to open a can of worms, I bet the firework killjoys are all Remainers... lol... so welcome to CE. LOL.
    (I'm only teasing)
    (I'm not)
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    On a lighter note, have a word with the wrapper printers and change the spelling of atomic (atmoic). Great cake though!
  14. POB's Pyro

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    It will be great if anyone can try and film one of these when they land to see if they live up to the hype. Any ETA @Ghengis Fireworks :)
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  15. We will be filming there when they land :) and will post the results on here.
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  16. paul s

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    They've arrived! :)
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  17. Da Main Mouse

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    Video?,tubes sizes and number of shots? People are dien here! Haha
  18. POB's Pyro

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    Pics and vids or it didn't happen ;)
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  19. paul s

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    (and I reckon that's China, not the UK....:D)
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