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    So this year, I am doing a 'back to basics' display!

    By this I mean that due to me going round to a friend's for this year's display, I wont have the time to prep for electric firing (which normally takes me the whole day!) as we'll be going round for the display (I'll be taking the pyro) and firing later in the evening, so can't really take my system and wire it all up before hand.

    So, I am going back to basics and hand firing using some kind of chef's torch/windproof lighter.

    I don't want to do down the route of buying a rothy as its overkill for my needs and the cost for me isn't justified - can anyone therefore recommend a decent windproof lighter then (I have looked on Amazon and there are hundreds so it really is pot luck on the quality of these - some reviews are good but some are absolutely terrible?!!!)?
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    I have one similar to this.
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    ....yea, I've seen these types before but from experience, these styled ones (i.e the shape) tend to result in singed thumbs because when you light the viscos, the initial flare up is really close to the trigger of the lighter :


    I'm really looking at a design type like a gun whereby the flame of the lighter is at the opposite end of the trigger!
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  4. Damp Squib

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    Portfires...! back to basics proper, no singed thumbs, wind-proof, guaranteed ignition, cheap as chips:D
  5. nickjee

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    I bought one of these last year. Works great.
    My only issue is that you need to physically turn the valve to turn it off rather than take your finger off the button above (like with a lighter!)
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  6. hofnerite

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    I'd agree with @Damp Squib - I'd rather use portfires than one of these turboflames. With portfires your hand is nowhere near the visco and the flame illuminates the firework enough to see the visco clearly. No refills needed either.
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  7. yeak like @nickjee said ... you need to find one that has instant ignition .... that is that doesn't need you to turn the gas on and off before pressing the ignition each time you want to fire up.
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  8. Tinderbox

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    Go to any supermarket or household goods store and get a chef's creme brulet torch. Seen them in B&M's too. Brilliant things with a pistol shape design. Way better than a fag lighter.
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  9. Tinderbox

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    The Range do them too.
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    Appreciate all the responses - all very helpful.

    I would have also gone with portfires (used them before - they are great) however they wont be very practical for me as I think we'll literally be setting up just one or two cakes, staking, taping and then lighting and watching and then setting up the next few so don't really want to waste portfires during the set up between each few cakes (I wont really get any prep time before the actual display).

    Will definitely look at one of the options above.

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  12. I 'used' to have one, then someone in the house found out that it made a good plumbers torch for microbore copper pipe in tight spaces. :(
  13. Torjet lighters are very cheap and will definately do the job
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  14. RocketRev

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    @K9Girl 's link in the 2nd post of that thread is still valid and goes to the Iroda MJ-330 on CPC Farnell's website. I used the earlier model of the same thing, bought from Maplin years ago and it's still in good working order after regular use on fireworks and church candles. It's brilliant at lighting a church load of candles for a candle-lit carol service! Great for setting up a few fireworks in the garden, or enjoying a selection box, setting the fireworks up one at a time over half an hour or so - when burning through portfires doesn't make sense. Press the trigger and it lights and stays lit until you release the trigger - single handed operation and burns gas only when needed.

    I carry one as a spare alongside my rothy..... just in case of rothy failure! I've got a rothy and a rothy equivalent, I've got a chef's blow torch. I've I tried and thrown away turbo-jets / turbo-flames and plenty of other similar things besides. The rothy is my go-to for big displays. For everything else, the Iroda is still my go-to lighter.

    I've just checked - and you can get them on Amazon, but CPC Farnell looks to be cheaper, unless postage tips the balance differently.
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  15. K9Girl

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    My Iroda is still going strong, use it for tea lights, wheels and any other pyro that I’m not remote firing :)
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    Thanks for the replies above - all very helpful.

    I was actually after something a little bit bigger than some of the suggestions given above, so after much hunting on Amazon, decided to go for this (which has all the features I was after - size, shape and most importantly for me, a window to check fuel level, which a lot of these style types don’t actually have) :


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  17. deans6571

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    ...apologies for the extra large image - not sure why the forum posts such a huge pic when posting from a mobile device (iPad) ?!
  18. Pyro Pete

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    We like it BIG on UKFR :)
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  19. I got this one a few weeks ago and seems pretty decent for the price mate :D

    image.jpg TBTeek Kitchen Blow Torch Refillable Mini Creme Brulee Torch, Cooking Butane Torch with Safety Lock&Adjustable Flame for Cooking, BBQ, Baking, Brulee, Creme, DIY Soldering(Butane Not Included)
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