Ban brigade getting on it early

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  1. Unfactual as always. I'd love a politician who actually enjoys fireworks to get in and speak up, make a change.
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    And face the wrath of the ban brigade? Political suicide, which is why it won't happen.
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    If you substitute the word "fireworks" with "alcohol" in the article it would read almost exactly the same!! Wonder how that poll would pan out ;)
  4. Maybe just change the law a bit, banning firework sales to anyone under 25 for example. I have to admit when I was in my teens I was guilty of giving fireworks a bad name. Or maybe you have to apply for a temporary licence to buy them, that would put off the idiots I'm sure.
  5. The best way to put off the idiots or at least make those supplying them accountable would be to ban seasonal sales and only allow proper all year shops in my opinion.No job losses, bigger profit for our sponsors, far fewer shops for ts to deal with and it would become obvious if a certain area had a problem where they were getting it from.FB and other illegal sales would no doubt continue but that's something that will always happen no matter what the law on fireworks is.

    The response from the police and fire at the end of that article was a positive one anyway as they don't want a change.Most people who actually know the problem a ban could cause don't want it.
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    The main problem with the current laws are that they aren't enforced.
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    seasonal sales and only allow proper all year shops

    that does not seem fair to suggest seasonal shops are the root of the problem! Sum of us make a good effort to avoid the problems of idiots! :rolleyes:
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  8. Not suggesting all seasonals are a problem, in fact i'm sure most aren't but there will be a few who really don't care and just sell stuff to anyone plus it's very hard to tell where people actually bought stuff.TS don't have the man power to check 15 000 shops but if it was 150 then it would be much easier.
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    I would like to ban campaigners to be honest. Most people with demanding jobs and 'normal' life issues to deal with simply don't have the time or energy to try to make a name for themselves.

    Serial campaigners....:tssr:
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    25?! That would put me in the 'too young' bracket for another year! People at 18 are well beyond old enough to comprehend their actions.

    This won't be a popular viewpoint but tbh I disagree with any further nannying and tightening of the laws ... I think the current legislation is perfectly adequate. The anti-firework groups won't be appeased by anything short of a comprehensive ban anyway ... so further compromise on the matter is frankly a waste of time.
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  11. Think that's the most popular view on here. :D

    Personally i don't think there should be any changes either but if it became clear that the gov had changed their mind and were planning changes then i think the industry should have a proposal of their own otherwise the gov might just listen to fab and ban or heavily restrict them.It's all very well saying give them an inch and they'll take a mile but if it came to a point where changes were planned i'd much rather they had the pro fireworks sides middle ground rather than going along with what fab ask for.
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  12. Is this something that we should be concerned about? After a quick google of these edm's it appears very few go anywhere but you never know -

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  13. i've lived in Glasgow for 10 years... but I'm not Glaswegian, so I guess I could still buy them and use them in Glasgow?
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  14. I wonder if by exiting the European Union buying fireworks will get easier or more difficult :cool:
  15. Talking about banning loud fireworks on This Morning at 10:55. Started well, they were at least informed enough to say that you can't buy silent fireworks!
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    why was that featured? (i know it's an awesome firework ;) )
  17. I hope we had a for person arguing our corner
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    Been on ITV This Morning's comments section airing a few opinions. These seem to speak louder than facts unfortunately.