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  1. Hi All,

    I'm sure everyone one of you have been subject to a social media campaign of banning fireworks? It has sparked a Council meeting in the Worcestershire area on the 16th January 2020 asking for a complete ban. I wasn't around on the 16th as was on holiday but my local Trading Standards officer has sent me these

    upload_2020-1-29_10-21-21.gif .

    Apparently Simon Wilkes who is Head of Regulatory Services (EH) and also oversees TS at the moment put forward a fairly lengthy statement along with a transcript from myself.

    However, it seems things are moving forward so thought I would post the outcome on here and welcome your comments.

    I don't think we can just ignore these social media campaigns, unfortunately social media gives minorities a very loud voice.
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  2. Apologies, its a bit jumbled but hopefully you get the gist
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    I see you're a new member Andy. The social media stuff is already well covered here (and a lot of the "facts" they come up with soundly debunked). The comments above about PTSD and veterans is typical of the standard rubbish the anti-fireworks people come up with and is nothing new.

    What was the outcome? I can only see that you have posted the anti-fireworks stuff.
  4. Can you not see the Questions there are 2 questions that are being put to government, I'm not sure when? My Trading Standards officer said she will keep me informed.
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    Ah OK - I thought there were answers or an outcome but the questions have not been put yet from what you're saying :)
  6. No, just letting people know that these social media campaigns are gaining momentum and shouldn't be ignored by the industry as a nuisance, it seems to be affecting my sales and I'm sure everyone is feeling the same.
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    Looks like Mr R M Udall needs to be educated on fireworks before calling for a ban or further restrictions.
    Hopefully Trading Standards will give him the figures he needs to realise fireworks are not a problem for the vast majority of people and animals and that a ban or further restrictions will make things a lot worse for those complaining about firework noise or anti-social behaviour.
  8. Interesting. These or similar questions have already been put to government, It will be interesting to hear the reply on this occassion.
  9. Hi Andy

    What shop do you run? if you don't want to say publicly please pm me?
  10. No problem, It's The Firework Place in Worcester, I sell all year round, a few people on here might know me.
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    Having so many councils writing to the gov could become more problamtic.It's maybe only a dozen or so just now but if they've got 100 of them they're far more likely to look into it than they are off the back of a petition...
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    I guess the end result will be what whoever is sitting at the top is forced into agreeing with. Sad but true :oops:
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    To be fair i think the Gov have dealt with it well so far, they haven't caved in to the moaners and they're gathering evidence on how much of a problem there actually is which will hopefully show how exaggerated it is.

    My concern would be that anti firework sentiment does seem to have increased amongst councils, police, some mps etc over the last year or two compared to the first couple of years that fab were campaigning.There's definitely more people who matter looking into it now than there was 3/4 years ago.
  14. Although it is a worry how the personal feelings and anecdotes of a few "who matter" are being pushed, it doesn't bother me that they are digging into the matter. All they'll do is find the facts and statistics, and either shoot themselves in the foot, or have nothing more to go on. The numbers don't lie.
  15. It's increased in my opinion by the amount of Social media complaining, it was cited as the main reason the council was looking into here in Worcester. The more people in charge looking into it the more it will reverberates down, a good few of my regular customers have scaled down or ceased their firework displays because 'they don't want to upset the neighbours'. Social Media is shouting far louder than anyone in the industry, each of us out there is trying to combat in our own areas against it I'm sure but it needs a more organised effort, I'm not sure how it could work but being someone who is at the coal face as they say it feels a bit isolated and almost feel it one voice against many? Any idea's welcome
  16. Without wanting to get political I don't think Boris would consider being the man to ban fireworks
  17. Yeah I have bought from you in the past in St Johns and when you had the unit in Barbourne.. also now we have lost temple fireworks shop in Sidbury so it appears your the only firework shop in Worcester now :(
  18. A boris government will never ban fireworks. Especially if sales of fireworks are up by the 31st Jan and another wave of complaints comes down the chain from people who detest fireworks.
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    Hopefully he doesn't devolve anymore powers to the Scottish gov either since Miss banitall would definitely be on the side of the moaners.
  20. I can see Boris hand firing a 24" shell outside Big Ben whilst shouting "Up yours Delores" ******

    ******* Younger posters may have to Google this.