Rocket Banshee Thunder Rocket

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  1. Classic pyro... Never disappoints.

  2. I remember these very well,always bought them,very loud for a small rocket!
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  3. Loving these old fireworks! Thanks
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  4. geoff

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    Great Memories ,these must have been one of the best selling fireworks at that time, everyone seemed to use them.:)
  5. These are great little rockets,lucky still got 3 three cases left :rolleyes:

  6. Three cases?!?

    Are they for personal use, Or Dealing? :D
  7. Anyone know of any other rockets that make this same noise when rising?
  8. Essex Fireworks

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    These do

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  9. Yeah, gotta admit they were my favourites. Thankfully I have approx 18 packs left.

    Deepz - The exact sound would be impossible to get these days. As Essex posted, there are similar small screechy rising rockets but nothing anywhere near as accurate and with no bangs.... For smaller rockets that would be things like the delta force rocket pack and some exclusives you get in certain selection boxes along the lines of:

    That's probably the closest you would get these days. Very tame imo. Definitely that gritty screech is exclusive to 90's/early 2000's rockets which we probably won't be able to buy again :(.
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  10. Ah right, thank you!
  11. Air Bomb King

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    I can think of:
    Golden Lion Bats out of Hell
    Golden Lion Happy Fruit Bats (no bang on those though!)
    Those plain yellow cosmic rockets with no name (not much help I know)
    Black Cat Sky Circles
    Bright Star Moon Maroon
    Bright Star Sonic FX (similar)

    There were probably more but I can't remember any more off the top of my head.
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