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  1. Escht

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    make me a sensible offer and its yours............. that's my sensible not yours !
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  2. TONYB

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    ok give me a few hours and i will get back to you ......and i will collect from yours
  3. Sufjan1986

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    Incredible find, thanks for sharing this post.
    A sight to behold!

  4. It looks like I’ve no chance then on the offers I put in for a few of those items:mad:.
  5. fozzboy

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    You and me both Jamie...
  6. Escht

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    It looks like I’ve no chance then on the offers I put in for a few of those items:mad:.

    Tony offered me more than I wanted for it all so had to turn him down, even the offer of free rodent extermination for a year couldn't pursuade me ;););).
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  7. simonrl

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    Blimey Kev, that is a stunning find, well done :)
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  8. Escht

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    Some detail pictures front and back except the Benwell item.
    IMG_8317.JPG IMG_8318.JPG IMG_8319.JPG IMG_8320.JPG IMG_8321.JPG IMG_8322.JPG IMG_8323.JPG IMG_8324.JPG IMG_8325.JPG IMG_8326.JPG IMG_8327.JPG IMG_8328.JPG IMG_8329.JPG IMG_8330.JPG IMG_8331.JPG IMG_8332.JPG IMG_8333.JPG IMG_8334.JPG IMG_8335.JPG IMG_8336.JPG IMG_8337.JPG IMG_8338.JPG IMG_8339.JPG IMG_8340.JPG IMG_8341.JPG IMG_8342.JPG IMG_8343.JPG IMG_8344.JPG IMG_8345.JPG IMG_8346.JPG IMG_8347.JPG
  9. Escht

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  10. Escht

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    and the barrages and mines

    IMG_8384.JPG IMG_8385.JPG IMG_8386.JPG IMG_8387.JPG IMG_8388.JPG IMG_8389.JPG IMG_8390.JPG IMG_8391.JPG IMG_8392.JPG IMG_8393.JPG IMG_8394.JPG IMG_8395.JPG IMG_8396.JPG IMG_8397.JPG IMG_8398.JPG IMG_8399.JPG IMG_8400.JPG IMG_8401.JPG IMG_8402.JPG IMG_8403.JPG IMG_8404.JPG IMG_8405.JPG IMG_8406.JPG IMG_8407.JPG IMG_8408.JPG IMG_8409.JPG IMG_8410.JPG IMG_8411.JPG IMG_8412.JPG IMG_8413.JPG IMG_8414.JPG IMG_8415.JPG IMG_8416.JPG
  11. elmo

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    Wow....just wow!!
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  12. this post as taken a bit of sorting out ( and time ) well done kevin . amazing what you can do with your box brownie !
  13. I've never seen those size 15 Shrapnel Rockets before with the white and pink label and a picture of the effect and with a pointed top, all the ones i had were red with a flat top of which there are three here, i still have one of the size 20 Parachute Rockets you have there and two of the yellow label ones, always interested in seeing any Parachute Lights as they were always my favourite.
  14. Escht

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    They also did these in the range, but unfortunately there were none in this batch........ the size 20 rockets are just the later version of the size 15 ones...........
    IMG_0842.JPG IMG_0843.JPG
  15. Sufjan1986

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    Is it sad that I’m salivating?!
    Just look at how well those rockets are crafted together, not a rushed job. Each one a sample of perfection.

    Fireworks are an art, from creation to effect.
  16. Most certainly agree, not like the shoddily mass produced awful rockets today with the horrible labelling etc, they were handcrafted to perfection.
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  17. personally I think all this standard stuff is rubbish , and needs to be put in the bin !
    what do you think Jamie ?
  18. Escht

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    would that bin just happen to be at your house by any chance........ ?
  19. yes … lol .
  20. You could always off load it all on to me then Steve lol.