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    Hi there, anyone know of anywhere I could purchase machine gun style noise makers, I know firecrackers are banned here in the UK but something with the same rapid fire noise. Also I've spent a long time looking for a candle/cake which ejects rapid fire green stars and reports to simulate tracer fire, but as yet haven't found anything that does exactly that. Lastly electronically wired ground flares and smoke generators. Any advice or pointers in the right direction would be most welcome. All must be Cat3 or below. Cheers Jon
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    Are you requiring "fireworks" F1/F2/F3 or can you use Articles Pyrotechnic? There a lot of T1 and T2 and P1 and P2 items available that make bangs of different sounds, and smokes (including coloured).
    There are several airsoft suppliers who make Battle Sim pyros -none of which will be cadded/CE'd as fireworks. It may be necessary to buy single shot tracer rounds and use a sequencer to fire them (or a nail board!)
  3. These may of some use regarding the smoke bombs you mention ?

    what about jorge strobes aswell? create a cracking little effect
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    try hfm pyrotechnics ,they do all military stuff
  5. My opinion is don't go there, they only resell other people's stuff.
    I'll pm you with some better options when I get 5mins
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  6. We have a propane / oxygen , machine gun / cracker simulator - from single shot to rapid fire, works lovely for battlefield stuff. Hire or purchase possible
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  7. try viking fireworks, manston ramsgate (used to be tpl)
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    How much would be 2 day hire on this? I've looked at these and they are perfect but expensive to buy lol.
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    Cheers, I'm in touch with Karl at Xplosive/Illusion. He's very kindly supplying some of the gear I'll need.
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    Thanks Lockie, that would be great thanks
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    @PyroJon hope to see some video or photos of your work, it sounds an interesting project.
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    Will definately try to get some footage. The last zombie apocalypse event attracted around 200 paying customers scared witless, a couple even wetting themselves in fear . This year's event is planned over 2 nights, 10 waves of 20 visitors per night. They have a military briefing on the dangers of the escape ahead of them before they head out in canoes to the island with flares, tracer and machine gun fire. Once on the island they are given another briefing on the zombie invasion and the risk of infection before being issued with face masks. From there they are ushered onto power boats and spead across the lake to the forest whilst protected by suppressive fire from tracer and titanium salutes. Once in the forest they're on their own... smoke, bengals and lots of zombies, some dripping in blood and missing limbs, some knawing on dying humans, upturned cars smouldering, oil drums on fire etc. Finally when they've made their way along the stream to the army decontamination tent they quickly find out the soldiers are dead and are greeted by a scary clown in a maze within the army tent full of smoke and he's swinging a revving chainsaw at them as they desperately try to find a way out
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    Sounds like our night @scoops place
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  14. Would love to see a risk assessment on that job ;) but sounds a great night
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    It puts my NEBOSH training to the test writing the RA lol. Nothing is fired inside safety distances obviously and every cue is confirmed via marshalls on two way radios as safe before firing. Its a headache and extremely enjoyable at the same time.
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    this is going to add some wow factor

  17. Would love to see some footage of this lot! Sounds blady impressive!
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  18. Make one:
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    That gas gun is bloody brilliant!