Before and after Brocks Crystal Palace Fireworks 5/- Box

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  1. Escht

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    I've been looking for a replacemrnt box ever since I bought a very faded example with contents that were in great condition. Just had this arrive today and after a bit of tidying up it came out looking much better


    after a little bit of work, just cleaning and getting rid of old paper labels

    IMG_9100 (2).JPG
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  2. Whizzbang

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    That’ll be you on cleaning duties if your good lady finds out your new found talent
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  3. Escht

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    nah, already broken couple of things so she doesn't want me anywhere near cleaning duties....... forward planning and all that.
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  4. Tinderbox

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    Bloody marvelous job. What was the technique to bring it up?
  5. Escht

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    Very simple.
    In this case just a damp sponge to loosen off the label remnants, just enough water so that the label will peel off...... then just some washing up liquid in warm water again applied very lightly with a washing up sponge and very lightly wipe over the box lid, don't rub the lid surface or you will loose print......... amazing how much dirt is lifted off. Then dab dry with kitchen towel.

    For non waterbased labels then lighter fuel......... give label a good soaking in the fuel, leave just a minute or so then lift off old stickybacked label..... works well on books etc. Antique dealers have a bad habit of sticking labels on old bklts and paperwork and I buy a lot of that stuff so have used the lighter fuel method for years...... Evaporates and leaves no trace of the fuel, any residue from label can be treated by another dose of fuel and a bit of kitchen roll. then just wipe over with weak solution of water and washing up liquid......... boxes vary depending on type of print but secret is to use sparingly and clean very lightly.......
    I always start by trying the lighter fuel, if it doesn't work then it doesn't leave any marks.....

    Lighter fuel is also good for seeing what is under labels as dosing the label makes it go transparent until the fuel evaporates,
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    Kev, how do you get Glue off of Fireworks....:rolleyes:
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  7. Escht

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    you don't........
    you learn to live with it, find someone who can live with it, ignore it or set fire to it....... but you don't try to get it off because we both know that whatever Richard Lowe used to glue them with in the firstplace it aint going to come off.....
    now go and sit in the naughty corner and repeat to yourself.... I must learn to behave :D
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    Lol Kev , Yes I must...... Maybe we could hold a Nostalgic fireworks Night... Between us we have quite a lot ... £5 a head :)