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  1. Charlie

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    Just picked this up that I thought was pretty cool. Any ideas as to the date or what was in it?

    s-l1600 (3).jpg s-l1600 (2).jpg
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  2. Escht

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    I saw it on Ebay but so far can't find any clues as to what the contents were, I did wonder if it was either something used at the factory for taking items to the test firing site or a homemade box that someone stuck the label off an F Pack on to .
    It seems to be far too substantial for anything used to transport for sale in a shop, but who knows........... only my thoughts..........
  3. This might be a complete coincidence but that colour of yellow notepaper and red lettering is very similar to what used to be used by Fireworks Galore in Nottingham. Just an observation, nothing more. It looks like a nice bit of woodworking.
  4. Charlie

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    Well I never, found another one for sale :eek:. It belonged to the sellers dad who owned a shop that sold fireworks. It was supplied by Benwell to keep the fireworks in in the early 1950s. :)
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