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  1. I love the look of some of these compound cakes! What do you lovely lot like the look of? I struggled to narrow my favourite down to One so here is my top 5 in no particular order...

    Hallmark Showtime Finale
    (Great duration and Mix of effects from comets to horse tails to huge bursts)

    Firework King Run For Your Life
    (Awesome Rapid Fire loads of big strobe bursts great finale piece one tiny thing lets it down for me is it’s not fanned)

    Absolute Fireworks Game Changer
    (The most expensive on my list however Huge Bursts, great duration and super wide spread)

    Firework King Boom Booom
    (Great Value for money! Couldn’t find a better Compound for the money awesome duration and mix of effects)

    Zeus Legend
    Another great rapid fire finale piece two of these with a good distance between them would look stunning!)
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  2. danielpyronutter

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    Klasek fireworks show 256

    Celtic beast from the east

    Total FX caged tiger pro

    Wonder if primed will produce 1 next year.
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  3. I've only used game changer and grounds for divorce and personally i thought gfd had a better impact although you can definitely tell that gc has bigger tubes.My gc stopped half way through so it would be hard to recommend it for reliability but it does cycle through nearly every effect you can think of and it does them all pretty well for the first half anyway.If it works properly i wouldn't say it was over priced.
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  4. We can but hope
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  5. Might not need to with F2 going to 2kg and F3 going to 4kg
  6. danielpyronutter

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    8 kilo f3 compounds lol
  7. Just seen a video of Klasek Midnight Terror another stunning piece! Can’t get over it’s duration! I think I would change my list after seeing some of the others I have watched today! I think I have made my list a little too early lol ;)
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  8. paul s

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    If a compound can go to 4kg by linking and gluing a few random cakes to a board then surely a standard 4 kg cake would be a safer/ more practical option?
    I would be more than happy to see compounds 'banned' and replaced as Peter indicates.
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  9. trueblue_ips

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    Just taken delivery of Hallmark Showtime Finale from @Fireworks South Wales.
    Holy shit that thing is big :eek:
    I impress guests saying "That is ONE firework"
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  10. TGR


    Keep a close eye on the next set of changes to Pyrotechnic Articles regulation. ;)
  11. Do we know roughly when this will be @TGR ? :p
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  12. I can't wait to try the new brocade war on Steroids.
    1000g mine effect
    1000g salutes
    2000g brocade
    Put me down for two sir :D
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  13. TGR


    Not finalised as of yet, still in draft form but looks promising.
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  14. Ah okay, thanks for the info. :p
  15. Heard they were looking into changing the max nec to 2kg and doing away with compounds, any truth in that?

    Think it used to be 2kg before the ce changes so that would be a positive change in my opinion.I know the likes of rp diamonds and sapphires were about 1300g, that just shows how much you could get with a 2kg limit.
  16. Whilst for pyro geeks this is great news, for the regular public, will this not mean, suddenly it will be very easy to breach storage limits, by just holding onto a few cakes they didn't fire?
  17. paul s

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    BS stock.....;)
  18. Right side down below. Klasek fireworks show 256 Was a nice cake, but in my opinion a little to slow (175 shots Signature Range compound) above in right corner was a beauty and more powerfull.
  19. danielpyronutter

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    Try the 1.3g 30mm version of 256, it is immense
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  20. it is 1.3 version hahaha , because in Netherlands it's illegal to have 1.3 fireworks ore F3 products
    Some sellers here put 1.4 stickers on 1.3 products for transport the goods.

    We are only able/allowed to have F1 and F2 fireworks.
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