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  2. Fired brothers exorcise your deamons compound absolute amazing
  3. Exorcise your deamons

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  4. Cracklejack was the best firework ever. IMHO.

    Pyro Pete may have footage of it from back in the day.
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  5. Rob perry

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    One that stands out for me is brothers omg. A fast firing high impact big burst 100shotter isn't uncommon now but it was at the time. Literally went oh my.....
  6. PyroNoob

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    I think once I fire it Funke Elegant Nights is going to win it for me. But to date the best I've fired is Celtic Rainbow Revenge but this will definitely change this year ;)
  7. danielpyronutter

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  8. Probably the best range I recall was Cosmic's GoldenLion brand. They had intentionally humorous Chinese/Korean/Japanese sounding names along the lines of "Happy ducks make frightful wind." These tickled the local funny bones in the North East. They were also exceptionally good. One that I recall was called something along the lines of "Sleeping Dragon Nostrils" which fired loud, intense crackle. An unusual effect for the time, and moreover of a quality I haven't seen since.
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  9. danielpyronutter

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    1 that really surprised me this year was Skycrafter The Entertainer, stunning colours, effects and power, it reinstilled some faith in brothers products this year.
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  10. scoops

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    61837C0A-EA0E-4AD5-8264-EB332E9C998E.jpeg Hoping today’s pick up will be my next fav....
    Thanks Saj @Chorlton Fireworks, good to see ya, been a while
  11. I fired Frenzy with an El Dorado last year and that was probably the best garden fireworks I've ever seen.
  12. BarnOwl

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    ‘Flirting Dragon has sweet dreams’ ? And ‘frightened Ducks with abundant wind’ I think. All classics in their time. Golden Lion did some great lines.
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  13. BarnOwl

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    Anything Cube for me. ‘Molten Krypton’ being my number one favourite of all time. Although the original Kimbolton ‘Lake of Sapphires’ was pretty special too.
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  14. hofnerite

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    I think Celtic Lush got the biggest wow from me. Also the first time I fired Chemical Romance it blew me away.
  15. paul s

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    Which is your favourite child...?
  16. maxywell

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    Some of the oldies are still up there for me... Thunderous finale, screaming spider, hercules etc. Recently klasek 49 shotters red glitter willow and super white strobe. Glittering prize, candy flies etc. If we're including compounds probably beast from the east and adrenalize. Sulphur crown was my favourite from this year.
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  17. First time I had a Brothers Fire One was a special moment. I loved Magnum Treasure Chest from a few years back. Original Mars Boneshaker has to be up there too!
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  18. The original spec Stampede by Dynamic Fireworks / Planet Fireworks. Fired one at a demo night and even with some cat 4 in the mix the punters loved the Stampede .
    Even a couple of us firing were agog and compared it to been like 3 inch shells flying about.
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  19. One of my favoured older pieces is firework crazy along with those sovereign classics like 1605 and The Powder Keg. Very powerful pieces.
    But for me we are spoilt now
    Klasek ghost, red glittering willow, white strobe for those pieces of individual effects along with funke glimmer and sulphur crown..
    The bigger stuff by klasek like Particka and Indian Scream are amazing when they 1st came out never mind their HUGE compounds. Also add on to that war of the worlds compound which is up there with glittering prize a & b

    Really looking forward to firing the primed compounds I've got especially raise the stakes along with the vivid wtf ..

    Need to fire more Celtic.
    Love slow then go... Very professional piece...
    Honestly, I could write a very long list