Best Firework Ever

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    Polish. (Obviously, the product is Chinese).

    A very good brand imo.
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  2. My favourite firework ever were the old royal party diamonds and sapphires, I wish that these could have been made a bit smaller to fit the CE guidelines:(
    My favourite fireworks that are available now are the @Lets Party Fireworks outbreak and seven wonders which are absolutely lovely plus any vivid product which are all stunning :)
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  3. Cosmic star bombard from the 90’s was one powerful firework basically 3 x 3” shells pre loaded, Weco super blitzknall rocket think I still have a few of those, gold titanium willow any size shell I could go on.
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  4. For me it has to be Standard's Parachute Floating Light, i still miss these!
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    I have used so many excellent fireworks since the 60’s Standard Parachute Floating light chain of stars rocket battery’s Wells fireworks then moving on toCube Cosmic Brothers. FE did a item Sweet Fanny Adams which is one of my all time favourites. Nowadays Celtic Primed Klasek are great fireworks. We are very lucky to have these fireworks.
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    They were ggggggggggggreat!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D
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  7. Black cat green bamboo and all the black cat whoppa range of rockets pre ce back in the 2000s that sparked my love for pyro and well the rest is history
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  8. Still cant understand why parachutes arnt made anymore. Dont fall into erratic flight or shell in mortar category. Possibly if the chute fails fire hazard?. Great fun even seen ones with toy soldiers on the parachutes.
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    You can get these at The Powder Keg and a few other places:

    The flare on them doesn't last long enough really but I guess that's a safety thing in case the chute fails, but good fun in daylight!
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  10. I'm sure you are right. :) I do recall something with Flaming Nostrils though, or Firey Nostrils. Is this a "Mandela Effect?"
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    You were quite right @Vas From Durham
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    i haven't fired it but i came across this around a year or 2 ago looks mental
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    The original SIB1 from standard fireworks was a game changer back in the day for me!
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    Yep that was a piece of work that!
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  15. For retail items
    Our favourite for noise is the "ACK ACK barrage 288 shots" from Happy Dragon available around 2000.
    Best cake was Pre-2000 was the original "Thunder King" from Black Cat in 1991.
    Otherwise the original "Hercules" in 2008 from Brothers was awesome.
    There are to many great fireworks/cakes to mention in 2020. Probably if we had to chose one, then "MOTHERLOAD" by Celtic .
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  16. SIB1 & SIB2 were very good, however when we received a further new batch from Black Cat/Standard, there were many more misfires, so they became unreliable.
    That is the Chinese for you!!
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  17. Ghengis ultimate fear mine were a force to be reckoned with after 2004 honestly that crackling fountain then boom 6 reports plus great noise effect two fired at the time brilliant. Cant wait to get to chatham and see the owner again great guy. If I was free November I'd work for him
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  18. This is a really difficult question to answer (a bit like naming your favourite song of all time) but one that I feel I need to...

    OK ... actually no. Hang on...

    Right. Er ... depends on one's mood really...

    Standard Air Bombs were brilliant starters for getting Bonfire Night underway and Golden Lion's Venomous Vipers are the best rockets I've fired.

    However, hand on heart, the one firework that takes me back and always brings a divine sense of peace and admiration has to be the old Standard Rocket. That mesmerizing, soft burst of vivid colourful stars that hung in the air gets my vote.
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    The camouflaged labelled Ack Ack Barrage from Great Northern Fireworks? Incredible noise that one...
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    me too, for get the big bang ,go for hang time,