best multitool for the buck?

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  1. any recomendation for the best value mutitool ?

    do any of you use a mutitool in the gear box?
    i know its a second best as opposed to standard screwdrivers cutters etc,
    but they do have their uses.
  2. paul s

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    I have a Leatherman. It’s one of the best; if not the best. However they are very pricey and nowadays ‘cheaper’ tools have come on a lot in terms of heat treatment etc. I suspect you can probably find other brands that are much more competitive.

    I also have a Toolzall (USA) that is good and cheaper.
  3. blackbat

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    I have a Gerber multitool in the toolbox which has got me out of a hole on a few occasions.
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  4. gareth71

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    Leatherman all the way. I bought my first one about 20 years ago, and upgraded to a Wave a few years back. I use it a lot, both for fireworks jobs and also in my 'day job' as a theatre production electrician, and while you're quite correct to say that it's no real substitute for a well-stocked toolbox it's definitely a useful thing to have to hand.

    Aside from the quality of their tools, Leatherman's customer service is absolutely superb. After a few years of constant use, I found that the wire-cutting part of the pliers on my Wave had developed a small notch through wear and tear. I got in contact with them to ask about having the plier jaws replaced, and they put me in touch with their UK distributors who asked me to send the tool to them. A few days later, a brand-new Wave arrived in the post, completely free of charge - they'd replaced the entire tool under their lifetime guarantee, even though the small issue with my existing one was quite clearly 'wear and tear' and I'd have been happy to pay for a repair. Now that's how to do customer service properly...
  6. B19_TLG

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    There are two that are perfect for fireworks especially if you do any re-fusing. Both come with a c4 spike and are used by EOD teams worldwide. Both are pricey but both manufacturers will replace parts for life.

    SOG do one and Gerber do the other. Leatherman is ok but industry wise (EOD, Demolition, pro-pyro) you’d use a SOG or Gerber all day. The Gerber EOD 600 (DET) is incredible and I have one. Never missed a beat and the remgrit blade is exceptional for sawing random stuff in a bind.

    My firer colleague (35 years military and counting) had access to a SOG when on tour in the US. Brought it back. Incredible tool as well. If I could source it I’d replace my Gerber with it as the one handed opening is exceptional. The
    SOG Powerlock EOD 2.0 is the one to get.
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  7. Pyro Ed

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    I have a Gerber suspension and I kid you not it genuinely saved my arse. I got one for being out on the boat. On one occasion got a rope caught around the prop, and had to jump into the water to cut it off, or face the real risk of drifting into rocks. Anyway I cut it off with the Gerber tool, and even better the tool was still fully functional months later despite being in the sea.
    I then sadly lost that on to customs :( but I now have a couple of them. Brilliant bits of kit.
  8. some great comments from all of you , thanks for the replies.
    i will check some of the models mentioned out.
    i have been looking at wave+ and the supertool 300 from leatherman.
  9. mike frost

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    i have a wave+ and literally wouldnt go anywhere without it, the only down side is you cant open the ouside knifes easily left handed and no way to change it round
  10. Jon

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    I have several Gerber suspensions, great tools. One sadly fell apart on me but was quite easy to bolt back together. Shop around though as they do vary quite a bit in price.

    Reading this thread is giving me kit envy...
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  11. I am grateful to this thread for the amount of research I have put in on multi-tools in the last 48 hours. I finally narrowed my choice down to Leatherman Skeletool CX or RX. I knew I wanted a better blade material but couldn’t decide on whether I wanted a serrated or plain blade. Eventually sought the advice from a number of specialist shops and the consensus was serrated as I will be opening boxes for fireworks and the tool will live in the glovebox so bought a RX and it will be delivered tomorrow. This is my first ever multi-tool. Not sure I will ever need an edc knife or tool so having something for occasional firework display use (to reduce what I carry when firing) & have a rescue tool in the car hopefully will mean I can search something different in google and watch other videos on YouTube (there are some interest survivalist out there with strong views).
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  12. Jon

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    Yeah I wouldn't put much weight in those people, they think you can survive a plane crash with your girlfriend's gstring and a condom.....:rolleyes:
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  13. gareth71

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    If the two things that my attention was focussed on at the time were my girlfriend's G-string and a condom, chances are I probably wouldn't even notice that the plane was crashing...
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  14. ahah, lol:D

    i think i will edge my bets on the wave+, although the Gerber Suspension looks a good buy ,
    and is significantly cheaper.