Best place for Fireworks near Kettering

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  1. Hi all.

    Asking for a very very good friend. It’s her daughters 13th birthday at the weekend and they want fireworks. Normally I’d have it covered but Covid blah blah.

    She’s in Kettering, can collect it or if delivery’s and option.

    Retail Pyro is not my skill set. Look after her chaps. I’ve sent her a link to see this.
  2. There’s a place in rothwell I think it’s called Tony’s fireworks
  3. If you want to PM me with more details, i can see what we can put together. We can have it delivered or they can pick up
  4. We're in Boston. Happy to help of we can.
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    Make sure you let them off somewhere near Grafton Underwood - the entire village is populated with Firework haters that think they can take the law into there own hands..... when advised out of courtesy about the legal use of consumer fireworks the response I got from my neighbour was "you cant do that round here - I wont stand for it", and that was before he thretened to burn my house down !
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  6. Guys can anyone help her. She’s not had any calls that have been offered via PM.
  7. That’s bollocks. I rang yesterday morning and she said she would call back as she busy and she’s not called back.
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  9. You lost me ?
  10. chris 1953

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    sorry was going to say you had posted for them to pm you.
    but then spotted you had posted, again, my bad.:rolleyes:
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  11. I'll be in Kettering tuesday if they still anything.
  12. She’s been taken ill and oddly this call was the trigger for spotting it.
  13. Hope she is feeling better
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