Best selection box?

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  1. sorry if there is already a thread out there on this topic but wondering whats the best selection box out there atm. I’ve not purchased a selection box in years as always had the budget for self selection but corona has f’d me over a bit this year am looking at one to extend my display.
  2. the shindig box was good
  3. Thanks ma
    thanks mate I’ll have a look
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    For traditional family box I would recommend the following;

    Evolution Jupiter
    Klasek FP2
    Jonathan's Shindig (new improved version)
    Zues Andromeda
    Large Viper box
    Kim bolton boxes

    I have fired all these and would probably veer towards the evolution for the colour spectrum and range of different effects but all the above are premium and the differences between them are nominal.
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    Best I found was the top right hand corner of the page o_O
  6. I would also recommend the boxes from Jonathan's Fireworks. Shindig is the largest assortment and has good cakes along with a 3 minute fountain.
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    If you have 30 metres safety distance then the Klasek FP3 is a beast but more of a grown up box.
  8. Thanks I was looking at evolution Jupiter as I’ve never fired any of there products
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  9. Didn’t know they did cat 3 selection boxes will definitely have a look thank you for the suggestion
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  10. Me and Dan fired this last year , and we thought it was very good , fountains , cakes were good and duration and colours were excellent , this year they are improved with more bigger cakes in them
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    It really is ridiculously good, 30mm 1.3g cakes one of which is the signature 700 odd gram 1 and a load of proper conic fountains.
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  13. out of intrest what new cakes would be in it
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    f me, if Carlsberg did firework videos ay, what a great night that was lol.

    Also for you guys that tested the conic fountains recently, we fired 6 Klasek ones on this vid. @Tiltman

    @Joe Ciabatti at his best as well lol.
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  16. Yeah that looks like a great box thank you
  17. you can not go wrong with a Jonathan’s selection box for an all round good mix of effects with fountains that last over 2 mins in the bigger box and a decent selection of small multi shot cakes
  18. Thanks gain there a brand I’ve never tried so a box from them might be a good way to try a lot of there stuff at once
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  19. no problem, contact your local sponsor I’m sure they will look after you. If they don’t stock them there are a few of us sponsors On here who have them and can deliver them. Private message sponsors for more info and prices etc.
  20. I can vouch for the Jonathans boxes. First year there were issues with them that they have since sorted out. That FP3 box looks different gravy though. Quite interested in that one!
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