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    Hey my pyro family. Well the other night did my first ever gender reveal for my cousin (congratulations). Went really well apart from the Quality of the smoke flares so didn’t use them in the end and my daughter slightly Missed the first firework but apart from that everything else went as planned. Here’s a video of the gender reveal. If I could’ve done anything better please let me know for future reference. :)

    Big respect as always

    lee pyro.

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  2. Hi Pal,

    Looked decent but im not a fan of gender reveal fireworks that have 2 colours in one burst, just because there has been a lot of confusion in the past with some customers. We tend to stick to Jonathans cakes ( Pink Princess / Blue Prince ) or the new ones from Zeus which are great with some low noise effects in them as well. Blue Sky/Pink Dawn

    Prestigious Pyrotechnics might have something coming in with gender reveal in mind ..... watch this space :whistle::chair:
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    much appreciated mate.
  4. I did a Live Stream of gender reveal fireworks back in December for my upcoming (any day now!) baby daughter:

    (Fireworks start just after 11mins into the stream)

    Products used:
    1. Vivid Pyrotechnics - Purple Pearl Single Shot Slice
    2. Zeus Fireworks - Purple Dream Tails
    3. Celtic Fireworks - Hanky Panky
    4. Zeus Fireworks - x2 Purple Parade Candles
    5. Celtic Fireworks - Misty Mayhem
    6. Kimbolton Fireworks - Coral Sea
    7. Primed Pyrotechnics - Pink Mojo
    8. PyroShow - Purple Pink Peony with Purple Tail and Mine
    9. Celtic Fireworks - Purple Plums
    10. Celtic Fireworks - x5 Pink Coco Candles
    11. Vivid Pyrotechnics - VIV25F-001
    12. Primed Pyrotechnics - Tequila Slammer
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  5. Someone must like them, 1kg of powder in a 49 shot shot 25mm cake, oh and we’ve completely sold out. :):):):):):)

  6. Im sure plenty do like them .... but iv had to many headaches lol I like a stress free life. I'm more than sure its the people rather than the firework that is the issue tbh