Big news from Liuyang

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  1. Trafalgar Fireworks have been challenged to a speed drinking competition by Star Fireworks.

    All demos in Liuyang are stopped for the evening and the Chinese media are all over it.

    More to follow................................................

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  2. Local time or GMT? :popcorn::cheers:
  3. elmo

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    I attended the inaugural fire bar drinking contest which was a first for luiyang
    The event was organised by the lovely Judy and scrutinised by Nigel Claydon of Dynamic/Zeus fireworks
    The crowd packed into the seating area and awaited the start signal
    Trafalgar fireworks easily won assisted by local hero jack much to rapturous applause and cheering by the now manic crowd!!
    Not only that, champion Warren then went on to beat the Dutch at pool!!!
    A great night for the British in China
  4. Ah Elmo!

    I was going to post the comp video at 10pm GMT.

    I'll post it now then.

    By the way I am in lobby bar if you want a drink.

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  5. Pyro Pete

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  6. Great effort by all, but congrats @Trafalgar Fireworks :cheers: looking forward to seeing the next challengers to the title
  7. K9Girl

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    You dont get the idea of strawpedos do you?:p
  8. B19_TLG

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    Haha who competed from Star?
  9. Don't forget the envelope......
  10. elmo

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    hahah i don't think Star submitted their finest 'athletes' lol
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  13. elmo

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    I think the envelope is nearing its end tomorow night...........
    Looks like Zeus have already started to brighten up the dark side:p
  14. elmo

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    Our Dutch friends from Broekhoff, Gerard,Pim and Marcel
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  15. That really is a fantastic bar, especially coming from a t total. Great place to meet international pyro heads. Love the Zeus logo nearly as much as the fireTek one :) btw, did you fly direct to Changsha?
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  16. I think the zeus guys booked a while ago before they realised you could fly direct, but I know a fair few that have tried the new direct option and have commented on how good it is. Especially if you get the new dreamliner.
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  17. What airline is it that flys direct Mark?, does the dreamliner have business class?
  18. Hunan air and yes, full flat beds
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