Big thanks to the guys @easypyro

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by Pablos pyro, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Pablos pyro

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    Another thank you post and this time it’s the guys @easypyro for their excellent service. Could not be more happy with the delivery I received last week and looking forward to a more professional firing system this year. Here’s to the next couple of months learning this new system.
    Cheers guys.

  2. hofnerite

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    Good work! You'll be hooked now.. next you want an AudioBox. ;)
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  3. Pablos pyro

    Pablos pyro Supports UKFR

    I’ve good my eye on that audio box lol
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  4. its a great system and easy to learn
  5. Daveandkate

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    As above great system just a audio box and have a good base
  6. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Untill you get the ‘just add a few more cues’ syndrome !!!! ;)
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  7. Pablos pyro

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    Yea already thinking about more cues lol :)

    Then the audio box I think and then I’ll be sorted.
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  8. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Then the control panel
    Then some slats
  9. hofnerite

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    Yep, tell me about it. I thought three 18Ms would be enough. Now I've got seven, an audiobox, slats, Cobra show creator...
    Still it's a genuine investment considering the second hand prices. That's what I tell the mrs.
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  10. Pablos pyro

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    I told the mrs I won it :cool:
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  11. Psammead

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    One of my greatest fears is that in the event of my unexpected death my wife will sell all my stuff for what I told her I paid for it!
  12. RocketRev

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    You are but a young man @Psammead I hope and trust that people will have to wait a very long time before they get the opportunity to buy certain stuff at bargain prices. May they watch and wait in vain!;)
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