"Billusocn Firing system"

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  1. Hi all, I have recently purchased a pretty cheap firing system from eBay and wondered if anyone else had had one and could give me any insight to its reliability, whether it'll be okay with rechargeable batteries etc. It's a 60 cue system but can be expanded if necessary but I'm sure 60 will be fine for now! 70013995-CD63-45E1-BCC1-304442040755.jpeg
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    I have the exact same firing system and have had no problems whatsoever.
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  5. That's good to hear, I've tried it with some E-Matches and it's been fine so hopefully I have the same results as you have!
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    I know plenty of people who use them and for the price you can’t go wrong. I was told that it’s very important to keep the modules dry so I bag them up during rain.
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  7. That's good to hear, I'll definitely take that advice as I once had one of the smaller systems which just has a remote control with 12 cues and the modules got soaked which didn't end well! Thanks for the tips :)
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    Never had any bother with mine .Just wish i had kept it As said above bag the mod's up when wet or bag them anyway near the November season due to damp and dew.My old one is still working fine i hear :)
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  9. I use them around the house, and as accessory systems on larger shows.

    The moisture talk led me to go ahead and take mine apart and brush some conformal coating on the boards when I first purchased them.

    I also have a waterproof / fire resistant little rubber mat I use on them to keep fallout and heavy dew off of them. If raining, I bag them.

    They've performed well over several years.

    The mods are fragile, but functional. The remote seems solid.

    The antennas come loose occasionally, and you'll have to take the back plate off to access the antenna screw to tighten it.

    These will fire talons (clip igniters) just fine, so you should never have an issue firing with ematch.

    Thanks, and have fun!
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