Black Hole

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  1. In this video I fire a 30 shot Black Hole fanned barrage from Evolution Fireworks. Its burst sizes were very decent as expected from a 30mm inner tube diameter and the variety of mixed effects were stunning. I particularly liked the crackling willows with fizzing tentacles and the breaks gave a good solid thud as they burst. NEC count 489g.

    Category: F3

    Hazard Class: 1.4g

    Bore size: 30mm

    NEC: 489g

    RRP: £54.99

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  2. Nice work Dusky lol I didnt realise we had 2 threads on the same cake lol
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  3. I deliberately started a new thread as a few of the details, (NEC and tube diameter), appear wrong on the previous post. These details were incorrect in Evolution’s catalogue and seem to have been copied across. :)
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