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    Trafalgar and Waterloo Single Ignition Boxes, about 2002 to 2003?

    I've attached a video too, though it's an old wmv so it's a challenge playing it (VLC works for me). Photos and video by Tony Webster.



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  3. found two different types of orion's bomb, one must be a lot older than the other 007.JPG
  4. Orion's bomb were great. They contain actual ball shells rather than the normal cylinders.
    Would like an early one for my small 90s cake stash.
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    Some wheels image.jpg
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    The one on the right is the older one.
  7. more air bombs i found
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    Wow!!! You gonna let them off?
  9. what about some nice cones, even set one off today :)

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    Nice find!!! :)
  11. I still have a "Happy Spring" and several early Black Cat rockets of all sizes in my collection,i used to really rate this brand but no-one sells them around here any more.
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    D8B86E21-D7E4-45A2-939B-E12AEF5A8935.jpeg 660496BF-3E28-4C8B-A311-FDED610EE976.jpeg 2415C42E-389C-4A71-A2B4-00FA96E64775.jpeg 78734407-69EE-47DE-AF32-4C0852B51B83.jpeg As there is a lot of talk on the main forum about selection boxes I thought I’d post these, I am pretty sure they would be more than a match for most of today’s offerings
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    Awesome stuff here, love it, will add some pictures of my bits, really like this old Black Cat stuff.
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    please don't post pictures of your bits ! you might get arrested ! lol
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    Lol, picking up a lynx and puma and also an old cosmic venus to go with my modest collection of 90s bits.