Blackpool Fireworks Summer Updates

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    Hello fellow pyromaniacs o_O

    Summer is here (honest), and can mean only one thing:
    Time to get stuck into this years Firework lovely-ness

    We are currently updating our website on an almost daily basis, to keep up with all of this years new lines, with more to come.
    At the moment ONLY registered UKFR members can view these, along with the super special prices available to you all.
    If however, you can find the same products elsewhere cheaper, then I'm certain we can match, or even beat them if possible.

    If you are not yet able to view the UKFR section of our website, simply register on our website, and then contact me on here to activate your access to pyro heaven. Simple.
    No need to keep asking how much this or that is. Just add to your basket and we will do the rest.

    As last year, we will be offering a FREE delivery service nearer the BFN season, and then again for NYE.

    Already some of the larger compound pieces are in strong demand, so I recommend you get your orders in earlier rather than being left without.

    Any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me on here at any time

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