Blists Hill, Ironbridge

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  1. elmo

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    Mmmmmmmmm but strange
    More likely the operator in question now can’t do it due to workload or got a better offer:rolleyes:
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    Still showing 15mph winds. Not sure about gusts, but 15mph isn't bad, is it......?
  3. I'm on the mailing list as we are regular visitors and when they cancelled the forecast was showing wind gusts up to 50s and rain.
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    We've fired on that site this year. I'd be very nervous firing there with the kind of winds we had in the area that night. There is very little movement onsite to adjust for wind conditions, we were recording 15-18 mph ground level readings (maybe 20 miles away) hard to get a handle on the gusts but easily in the 30mph range.

    I think they 100% made the right call there. We were lucky and had enough space and options to fire our show.
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  5. Yeah, I know the site well. I grew up on the otherside of the Gorge near to the Hotel, so every year we'd watch all the displays from the back garden - I firmly believe this is what ultimately sparked my interest. You're right, it's not the biggest venue and one side is fairly steep so you don't have much room for adjustments, but having been further North in Shropshire I was somewhat surprised the decision had been made well in-advance to cancel the show.

    We held a very large display for a community on the Saturday and I imagine we had similar readings, regarding the wind, but we had the space to adjust so it wasn't a problem. Having said that, the West Mids Showground not far from us and a number of other large displays went ahead in less than ideal conditions. But the venue for Blists Hill probably isn't ideal for any severe uncertainty in the forecast. It's a shame it was cancelled, because I can't remember any time within the last 25 years (maybe longer!) the show has had to be cancelled - I wonder if the requirements have changed, if different people have run it over the years. Having said that, the right decision was probably reached.

    @Pyro Productions - out of interest, do you know who has the Blists Hill bonfire gig these days? I was told Jack Flash, who are local to me, but I'm uncertain whether that's accurate? :)