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  1. My video of Blue Star Eruption Mine filmed 04/11/18. Filmed around 60m away. A great piece for an opener as it starts off with a small fountain then erupts with a salvo of 10 shots with massive loud bursts.

    Video doesn't show the fountain but is clearly audible.

    Category: F2

    Hazard Class: 1.3g

    Number of shots: Starts with a fountain then a salvo of 10 shots

    Bore size: Shots are 30mm

    NEC: 230g

    RRP: £19.99

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    Thanks for the vid,
    Im really tempted to get one of these to open my show next Saturday.
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  3. Awesome firework!
  4. Audience perspective of Blue Star Eruption Mine which shows the fountain at the start. It clearly went down well and a nice surprise for the people watching. Filmed around 60m from one of my audience November last year (2019).

  5. RCT

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    Great little firework. I still think the best fountain mine combination available.
    This is certainly one of Hallmarks best creations.
    Packs a punch way over its size and weight.
    Top draw.
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    I fired this for the 1st time last GFN and although I knew what was coming, I still jumped a little :) everyone absolutely loved it!
    Had two more delivered at Xmas that are safely "under the bed" ready for this year!!
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