BMW hand break failure.

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  1. Beal

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    Hi folks.

    Just thought I’d ask the question here before I look into it further elsewhere.

    Has anyone ever heard of or experienced an electric hand break failure in a BM 218d.....

    “She’s sure she put it on but was in a bit of a rush”

    The strange thing is she would of stood behind the car for at least 2-3 minutes sorting out baby and buggy before leaving it. Then it decided to roll backwards across the car park 10-15 minutes later as she was returning from school run just around the corner.

    Luckily no one was hurt and the BM has minimal damage but it decided to hit the evoque square on across the car park.

    any estimates for a repair would be handy as well. Thanks
  2. Pyro Pete

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    So hard to know whether she put it on or not, isn't it? Have you turned up any info on your trawl of the net and BMW forums?
  3. Daveandkate

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  4. Michael96

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    Sometimes I've had it where if you haven't pressed it long enough it doesn't go on also on mine when I turn car off the e brake turns on by itself so not sure I've not heard of any others doing it
  5. Beal

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    To be honest I haven’t had chance to look yet. But I have worked out if it’s left off and the car moves/pushed along on a flat it doesn’t engage itself.
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    Maybe a little education on leaving the car in gear in future wouldn't go amiss :rolleyes:
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  7. I dont know about BMs but My Mitsubishi Lancer got written off on the drive at home thanks to an Audi A5 owner whose Audi 'jumped off the handbrake' and rolled down the road, mounted my drive 'submarined' under the back of the Mitsi and shoved it 3 feet down my drive under the back end of my Omega ( a long term project) which was in reverse gear with its hand brake on AND chocked at the front. The omega wasnt badly damaged due to its tow bar - the floor of the Mitsi looked like corrugated sheeting though causing it to be written off.

    If the car hadnt been there it wouldve ended up in the front Room though.
  8. Beal

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    Is yours manual? I’ve worked out it doesn’t automatically come on when turning the car off.
  9. Michael96

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    Yes manual
  10. dogsbody

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    I found on my audi that they are pressure swt, when i had the tow bar fitted, they had to increase the pressure so rhat if parked on a hill with a trailer on, it wouldnt pull the car off the handbrake setting!
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    BMW hand breaks are crap electric or not. I just always leave it in gear every time I get out. You would of thought that so meny years on and they still haven’t addressed it
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