Board suitable for brackets and firing pyro off?

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  1. As the title may suggest, what are the best types of wooden boards for attaching L brackets to and ultimately, firing pyro off? I am firing a display on aggregate (slate chippings) this year and obviously stakes are not an option. I would like something relatively thick (I want to re-use it in future), readily available and ideally, pretty cost effective.

    I have boards in my loft but have no idea what the stuff is but seems very dense and maybe suitable for what I need. I don’t think my board needs to be any larger than 180 x 100cm. Would thick, marine grade ply be an option?

    Cheers all for any suggestions!
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    15mm+ OSB is what I use and is more than robust enough. Just screw brackets or batten cutoffs into it to support cakes.
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    I knocked up some 'troughs' - 1220mm x 2440 mm x18mm hardwood ply from a timber merchant or B&Q (ones that offer a cutting service) this years were cut into 260mm strips 1220 long then use a 260mm piece of CLS timber at each end. they are gorrilla glued and screwed with 4.5 x 50mm screws.
    On fields you can put a couple of stakes either side, on ashphalt you could use breeze blocks although they are unlikely to go over.
    you can drill small (3mm) holes in the sides where needed and use steel garden wire to hold cakes in place or bigger holes and tie wraps. For bigger cakes I made some from OSB with CLS 'stretcher' supports accross the bottom and down each side which makes carrying easier. shorter pieces of CLS timber can be screwed in various places to support/position items

    the 2 new troughs shown cost about £40 in materials but will last, there were some off cuts which I used to make a 3rd trough of slightly different design



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    Here's a copy of what I posted back in 2013..... the pictures were of boards I made for 2012 and those same boards are still in use! I like troughs and have used them out on pro-displays. They're fine when wiring up everything for electrical firing, but not for use when hand firing.



    I got sheets of 18mm OSB Sterling board from my local timber merchant. He cut the sheets into 450 & 600mm strips (I couldn't get a full, uncut sheet in my car!) and I cut them into boards at home. So I've sets of uniform sized boards - 450x450 450x600 600x600 and a few 600x900mm for really big cakes. The cakes are secured with frame ties. I found that B&Q ties were more expensive but thicker metal and hence a bit harder to bend than those from Screwfix - so maybe a bit more secure in a cake blowout situation. With a tie on 4 sides, cakes are held secure and in position with no need to tape round them. The ties were screwed in position to suit each firework. and taken off after the display so the boards can be stacked in a small pile - they can be screwed on again next time to suit whatever firework I use then. For use on grass I've drilled holes for tent pegs in each corner of the board - makes for extra security by making sure the boards aren't going to move. I'd been using plywood boards and stakes hammered into the grass in previous years - but that takes time out on the field and I found that some of my helpers always managed to tape over fuses when securing cakes to stakes! My new boards do take time to prepare - but that can be done in advance and in the warm and dry of my workshop. The fireworks can be clingfilmed or bagged in advance and simply dropped into position on site. That made for a very quick and easy setup.
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  5. Great, comprehensive replies! OSB it is then, trough idea great for electrical firing!
  6. I use scaffold boards - then each board fits in the van - and they are all taloned up ready for the night.

    I’ll post a pic soon!
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    Seen people use an upside down pallet and no brackets needed. just strap to the pallet skids. Just make sure it is a solid topped pallet and not one with gaps in.
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