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    Item 317 Boneshaker
    R.R.P. £60.00
    EN CAT 3, 1.4G
    100 shots Straight
    Duration 60 seconds
    Tube size : 20mm id x 25mm od x 150mm tall
    Effects : Green tail to golden palm & green glitter
    Crackling tail to red palm & blue
    Gold tail to red & white glitter
    Crackling tail
    Crackling tail to green, purple & time rain
    NEC 676g

    Video taken by myself in China, but represents finished item.
  2. Same video
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    Oops! Looks like somebody moved the videos on YouTube and forget to change the links on here

  4. That's alright, thought if Im gonna looks through all these pyro vids I'd point out broken links...pointed it out on a frog fountain...didn't fix it just deleted the thread :D I suppose that's one way of doing it
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