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  1. I'm doing a small display as part of a club charity event, and although I've done little displays before I want this one to be a bit more organised, and as it's part of a charity event bang for buck is important. If any of you are keen/kind/bored enough to give advice it would be greatly appreciated!
    As you'll see in the very rough scruffy notes below I've got candles and fountains further forward. Then at 35 - 40m a left, right and centre firing point, my main idea is to fire a cake on the left, then just before it finishes a cake on the right, so there is no black sky but also so the effects don't overlap and gives some interesting left right action. Then some more unique effects and fans in the middle to break it up at a couple of points. Is this a silly idea?

    Also what do you think of my distances to spectators for these little Vivid F2 pro pack cakes? I usually fire that size at around 20m, is 35m+ getting a bit far? Its a big field so can do any distance.

    Any other advice or questions welcome :)

  2. scoops

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    I personally wouldn’t use the L&R sites for single cakes by themselves, generally they would be for pairs and “lone” cakes would be there centre site
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    need to be very careful using rockets on a public display,fall out can be undredictable if its windy.
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  4. It will be club members and family only so not properly public but yes rockets will be pulled if windy. Usually I set them at a decent angle so you know they'll go that direction and they're well over 100m from spectators before they go bang.
  5. PyroBoris

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    We fired those vivid f2's at 40m and they looked great, some big bursts for such little cakes!
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  6. Madfish

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    Plenty of distance is a bonus, 40m+ is great for consumer cakes, just bring fountains well forward.

    These are of my friends pictures taken from about 90 meters with me in the field round 50 meters from the cakes


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