Bradford Firework Debate

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    Bradford District Council has opened a review into fireworks following concerns from residents about anti-social behaviour.
    • Residents across the Bradford District raised concerns about anti-social behaviour involving fireworks.
    • The council say they've seen a trend of fireworks celebrations being larger and more often.
    • Bradford District Council covers Ilkley and Keighley.

    The review will focus on a number of key lines of enquiry:
    • review the licensing requirements and other regulations around fireworks
    • explore improved prevention and enforcement activities
    • consider the sale and distribution of fireworks across Bradford
    • examine the use of fireworks around Bonfire Night and at religious and family occasions
    • scrutinise the inappropriate use of fireworks, including the impact upon residents, pets and other animals
    • analyse the impact of the use of fireworks upon noise, air pollution, cleansing and emergency planning.
    If you'd like to have your say in the review, you can get in touch with Mustansir Butt, Overview and Scrutiny Lead, via email on or by post to room 112, 1st floor, City Hall, by Tuesday 31 March 2020.
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  2. Why? The can't change the law
  3. More and more councils are doing this following complaints from the antis and the Government will have to listen if it goes on much longer!
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  4. Pyro Ed

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    I think if these are carried out sensibly, they will conclude that the problem isn't what it seems, other than for pockets of ASB, which the banning of fireworks will not fix.
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    I know... so a few emails to that tune might set them straight.
  6. this sort of thing needs to be challenged at every opportunity,
    anti social behaviour is down to people, not fireworks.

    I am appalled at what this country is turning into,
    hopefully common sense will prevail,...…….but I very much doubt it:mad:
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  7. hofnerite

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    There seems to be a blurring of the line amongst some people between legal firework use and anti-social behaviour.
    FAB see ALL firework use as anti-social. We see yobs throwing fireworks (breaking the law) as anti-social.
    Legal firework use before the curfew and having informed neighbours IS NOT anti-social but If you did it every night for a month then it would be.

    Before any debate about banning fireworks, there needs to be a debate around the term 'anti-social use.'
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    Quite. And the review would seem to be open to this, since it's been prompted by complaints. Following the reports from last year, we could write the script, I think.

    While undoubtedly this will attract calls for an all-out ban, the terms of reference do not refer to that at all; if the issue here is an increase in unauthorised street celebrations, and other antisocial use in public places, then they have powers to deal with that under the 'explore improved prevention and enforcement' key line of enquiry.
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    Judging by the amount of videos of people in Bradford and Manchester chucking dum bum bangers around id say they are the bigger problem.

    Don't think you will see that many people letting off a display or even cakes willy nilly.

    Those that do would be easier to find as they are holding an actual display.
    Lobbing a banger out of a car window or chucking em in peoples gardens and running off is not so easy to trace.
    I know people are working behind the scenes to try and sort such use but when you have people complaining like they do about ASB and then a trading officer slaps them on the wrist is just down right despicable.

    So the FABs target what they can on a false promise because we have a face they can actually moan at.
    They should start by moaning at the kids who shouldn't have them and are chucking em about rather than the group of informed individuals who have evidence in their favour.

    Or better than that have bangers made legal again so there is no black market and the industry ends up with some sort of control.

    Jus my 2 cents for what its worth...........
  10. scoops

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    So if we replied to the enquiry giving factual evidence regards foi stats for area, examples of videos showing illegal products in use from area, trading standard examples if we have them etc, etc we should probably help identify potential solutions other than ban the pyro.....
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  11. hofnerite

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    Absolutely @scoops
    I'll be emailing him and I'd encourage others here to.
    Are there any sponsors in the Bradford area?
  12. scoops

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    Perhaps someone could knock up a well constructed standard email response with links etc for every example that pops up in the future too, let's face it they are increasing.:(
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    For those of you who have and those that have not read Firework issue 77, Chris Hutchinson has written Pg 33 , an interesting article on exactly the same treats the industry faces , and that these will only grow . Bradford district will be one of many I’m sure.
    We live in a society where the minority have a voice ,and will be listened too regardless of fact and statistics.
    With the way social media is now used as a mass participation tool , it’s easy for the minority to sign , like and share and suddenly the few turns into many.
    Too just ignore and rely on statistics dosn’t mean that sense will prevail ! Particularly and Parish and district council level. At district council level , from there they have a platform to put pressure on the Government. The more councils that ask the questions the more likely the government will start to listen.
    The industry in general needs to come up with a United strategy of defending these threats and be seen and heard to actively make the industry safer and somewhat more controlled.
    Although most of us on here are responsible ,and not only follow HSE guidelines but go over and beyond it dosn’t stop us getting tarnished with the same brush !
    Rather than the industry being on the back foot having to defend, I would like to see it on the front foot , leading positive change , that benefits the industry and makes it safer and somewhat more controlled eg :-
    We all know that REG changes on CAT 2 stuff is stupid and dangerous, we all know that large sticks falling out the sky is dangerous , let alone letting off some of the larger CAT 3 pieces in a highly built up area, oh and the “Compound” , yet the industry seems just to let it carry on. When the laws and REGS are irresponsible and stupid you can’t blame the end user or the supplier for being stupid.
    Obviously this is just one aspect . The industry will be attacked on many other subjects and will be defending on many fronts .
    Defence can only hold out for so long before someone will break through it .
    Pete (Powder Keg ) was obviously thinking about this sort of thing and ways to combat it in his post the other day, and most of the replies including mine were negative , but Pete is right in what he’s thinking just needs doing in a way that can only be used as a positive to the industry. It dosn’t matter if you are a major importer, a retailer or consumer, any changes will affect us all !!
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    I’v just gone back and looked at Pete’s thread “just an idea” the last 2 posts, Pete’s and Pyro Ed have hit the nail on the head. What they are saying is spot on and needs support .The last 3 conversations threads, “Just an idea “ Bradford council “ and “Reserch into low noise fireworks”
    Are all the same topic, and the answer to all 3 has been highlighted by Pete and Pyro Ed , they just need supporting, backing and help .
  16. Pyro Pete

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    Yes, very interesting reading @Madfish
  17. hofnerite

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  18. Good write-up. To acknowledge the problem is with illegal imports is a big step. And as someone who drives around the Barkerend Road area frequently, I can confirm the standard of driving (including "driving instructors") around there is another issue that needs addressing by a council that's let too many issues slide.
  19. Pyro Ed

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    I'm up for it. Or at least coming together with others to discuss a plan of positive media attack, which would have to as I see it focus around the positives and traditions of fireworks in the UK. After some kind of funding has been found, my thoughts would be along the line of starting a carefully planned media campaign around the times that these kind of troubles start and targeting them nation wide at the group of people who need to be educated the most.

    I've been thinking about this a little more and have asked a friend to create a "UK Firework Heritage" facebook page, which is sat dormant, as an idea at the moment.
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    Cracking down on illegal activities is “hard work” and usually with very limited success. It is “far easier” for a crack down on legal activities to demonstrate action and success.

    Councils etc are keen to demonstrate action and success, albeit along the lines of least resistance. It happens all of the time, not just with fireworks. Changing the law or hammering the legal elements gives quick visible results, whereas trying to stamp out the criminal element is way less ‘productive’.
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