Brass thingys for sale!

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  1. 8EB724DF-7EFE-4068-A1B6-8E0A7B44A1BA.jpeg taken delivery of these from a pal who can run them up at his factory. Hand made in the UK!

    Non sparking for fusing.

    Got a couple going spare and can get more made to order. Let’s call it £6 including postage, £5 collect? On another thread someone made one for £6.50 parts plus their labour and I’ve only seen them online for $18!
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  2. Exbombhead

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    Il take one off your hands
  3. Pyro Pete

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    I've made this thread a sticky for the moment @Tiltman as I should think a few members would be interested, good work :)
  4. First ones gone but I’ll get him to make some more.

    Anyone who wants one please PM me
  5. I'll take the rest
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  6. If you can get 2 more I'd like to buy them.
  7. Georgeh

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    Likewise, id take two too.
  8. SydB

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    What's the handle made from, please? Looks like it might be acetal. As safe as wood?
  9. I’d need to check that. It’s a form of plastic that he had handy. Do you think I should get that changed?

    I’ve had orders for around 20 of these by PM so far. I’ll be sending the first couple out by post at the weekend (not at home this week) and will sort a safe method of posting and check pricing. I’ve asked him to run up another batch.
  10. So he’s sourced some wooden handles! Puts the price up a little to £6.50 a piece as he’s buying them in. But as the orders are now up to nearly 40 already it means that he won’t have to take up machine time for the handles that wasn’t an issue for the first few done as a favour. We’ll run off a batch of 50 for starters.

    So .... he can churn these out with wooden handles for £6.50 each plus the postage. The first couple of guys who PMed me can have the plastic ones for £5 plus post if still wanted and I’ll post at the weekend.

    Everyone else the option is as a MK II upgraded wooden handle at £6.50 plus post. Please PM me back if no good otherwise I’ll presume it’s ok. When I have another batch I’ll contact people and start pinging them out and you can sort payment on arrival. Cheers
  11. So all going well with Mk II and hoping to have them ready on Friday for weekend posting. Will need to employ the kids at this rate to do packaging. Those wanting singles need to be prepared for whatever the postage is. I think it might count as a small parcel which might be a couple of quid, but we’ll keep it as small as possible with a bit of padding on the points to protect the innocent! Obviously those wanting multiples will get some better value out of the postage.

    We were making another 50 and it looks like they’ve all gone. Bear with us on this as while my pal owns a components factory this is just a bit of fun and is more favour than money making. What I’ll do next is ask you all who’ve PMed me to send me your postal addresses. I’ll do that by PM so I have single conversations with each of you so wait for me to message you.

    If we have extra orders I’ll see if he wants to carry it on and do another batch. He seems happy to oblige at the moment.

    If anyone’s just commented on this thread but not PMed please do so with full address and reminder of number needed.
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  12. Pyro Pete

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    That's a lot of demand! And thanks - very useful for our budding refusers. Or should that be re-fusers? ;)
  13. MK II prototype. I’ve asked him to make the shaft shorter as I presume that’ll give people more control of the tip!!

    Anyway, I’ve siggested shaft to equal length of handle. On future runs we could do some stubbies if people wanted that option too!

  14. K9Girl

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    Looks just like mine, I also removed the silver collar from my handle, they are very good BTW ;)
  15. any views on shaft size?:cool:
  16. K9Girl

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    PS - from usage, shorter, ahem, ‘shaft’ is better, the only insert the last 1/2 inch at most so it’s harder to be accurate with a ‘long one’ :eek:
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  17. K9Girl

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    You beat me to it ;)
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  18. K9Girl

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    Half that length :confused:

    (Don’t say that very often)

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  19. mike frost

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    Well this got crude quickly
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  20. Jon

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    Another danger is with the longer shaft is if you poke it too far and then wiggle it around to widen the hole you could damage the bung and tube sides.
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