Brass thingys for sale!

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  1. :p
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    :niceawl: just wanted to use this! Seemed a good time.
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  3. first dozen or so are bagged and ready for post tomorrow. I've got a half dozen more to sort tomorrow and the rest will be finished mid week .... handle supplier came up short!!
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  4. so first 6 packages sent and each person has had a PM with details. I've got a half dozen more ready to go that I'll send on Friday when I'm back home and the rest should be made by then also. Probably won't get to send those until the weekend though. That will include your batch @Firework Crazy. I've tried to send the first requests in order once I have all the address details.

    We've shortened the blade and these are looking good. Only £1.01 to post a single wooden handled Mk II too and so far managed to send a pack of 4 for only £1.41

    More orders welcomed.
  5. C
    Cheers john looking forward to one.
  6. Can I get one please
  7. Yep just PM me your address please
  8. All been a bit busy recently but will get to you all soon! Got some more coming and a few to send off tomorrow.
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    Waiting patiently
  10. John is now away on holiday but good things come to those who wait as they say! :)
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    i need one of these in my life....
  12. Sorry just back from Cuba. I think I have a half dozen left of first 50 that I’ll wrap up tomorrow and check on progress on next batch
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    And still on Cuban time going by the time of the post lol. Welcome back!

    Good trip I hope.
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    More importantly, new Rum to add to the bar? :p
  15. Yep sadly!

    @K9Girl only bought one bottle back but a decent one. Mostly focused on cigars!
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  16. Phew this is busy ........

    Last few of latest batch sent out today with PMs to those involved. I have orders for around 20 more already and another run of 50 likely to be off the prodcution line at end of December so likely to send out in January now.

    If anyone wants any (or hasn't heard from me yet and no longer wants one) please PM me.
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    Received just now. Fresh off the postman.

    Very well made. Good size. Good feel in the hand.

    Chuffed with them.

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    Bet you are - they look excellent. Mine's on the way in the new year I guess, so it's back to the chopsticks for NYE...;)
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  19. Sorry! Still got orders for over 20 waiting for the next batch. Good things and all that .......

    Meanwhile .... I was thinking today .... would it be beneficial to have a mark III that included a threaded point to aid ‘screwing’ rather than just ‘poking’? Just a thought! I’ve asked if that can be produced easily ..... I’m sure it can!
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    Who wants to go first with the filth?