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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by trueblue_ips, Nov 16, 2021.

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    Hi, does anyone know what year Brightstar dropped their party selection box down from approx 700 NEC to 500? Was that this year? I’ve always wanted one of these but would prefer the old spec if I can get it.
  2. Think it was this year (2021). I don't know what they have taken out or watered down as I haven't seen any unboxing videos of it yet.
  3. trueblue_ips

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    Ok, impossible to get hold of the older ones but thanks anyway
  4. K9Girl

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  5. trueblue_ips

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    Thanks @K9Girl will give that a go. I have developed a thing for selection boxes lately. Firing small stuff out of season that won’t upset the neighbours but brings a small amount of colour and joy.
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  6. You’ll be lucky to get hold this years box.. :rolleyes:
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  7. Was a good couple of years ago if I recall correctly, maybe 2018 or 2019 was the last time they were full spec?